Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

The final film in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy.

CIA agents are escorting a nuclear scientist and three hooded prisoners, when the CIA learn that the 3 prisoners worked for notorious villain Bane they try and interrogate them, but one of them turns out to be Bane and that they want the scientist, during a daring mid-air rescue they manage to acquire him, we then go to Gotham they are celebrating Harvey Dent day and Commissioner Gordon has a speech about the real Harvey Dent but decides Gotham is not ready to hear it, A celebration is also being held at Wayne Manor Miranda Tate wants to meet Bruce Wayne to invest in her Clean energy but he refuses as he is now a recluse and has been for 8 years, during the celebration Alfred sends some Dinner up for Bruce with one of the helps at the party, however she is in disguise and is a well known Cat Burglar known as Selina Kyle, she manages to steal some Pearls and even though is confronted by Bruce still manages to get away.

A body is found by Police man John Blake it is that of a teenager that lives at the orphanage when he make inquires he is told that a lot of people have been working in the sewers as there is a lot of money to be made, Selina Kyle arranges a meeting with Daggett a rival of Bruce Wayne's to sell him some fingerprints she took whilst robbing Bruce, it is also revealed that Daggett has hired Bane, Daggett tries to have Kyle killed but manages to escape as the police have been tracking the meeting, they chase some of Bane's men to a man hole and Jim Gordon gets wounded, Bane steals the speech that he was going to say earlier but he manages to escape and is found by Blake.

Bruce wearing a ski-mask goes to see Gordon and Gordon says its time for the Batman to comeback, despite Bruce being a physical mess agrees he also makes his first appearance in public at ball and bumps into Selina Kyle and takes back his pearls, she however tells him she wants the rich to become to become poor and everyone to become equal, she responds to the pearls be taken back by stealing Bruce's car.

Bruce does some investigating into Bane and finds they where both trained by Bruce's mentor and was also a member of the league of shadows (see batman begins) it is also rumoured that  he escaped from one of the most notorious prisons of the planet, Bane and his men launch an attack on the stock exchange and they manage to get away with what they wanted and are pursued by police but when Batman turns up the deputy Commissioner orders the pursuit of Bane to end and for them to go after Batman he escapes with his new Lucius Fox designed bat-mobile that also flies, he also gets some of data Bane stole from the stock exchange.

Right I am ending it here, It was difficult for me to find to place to end my review today because as the film goes on more information is revealed, hopefully this is the right position as I don't want to spoil it, the film is enjoyable but feels a little packed in but what this film does and the trilogy as a whole is take away the silliness that we where left with after Batman and Robin, another thing that got me is why besides the Joker in the first one and Bane in this one why is Selina Kyle never referred to as Catwoman or Harvey Dent as Two-Face?, Also why end this film the way they did ?, it had the feeling that another film is coming, but they killed that with the announcement earlier this year that the Batman franchise is going to be re-booted again, I mean why another re-boot?, only reason I can think off this is because the announcement of the Justice League movie.

I had the choice of many posters today so chose this one to please the missus who thinks Tom Hardy is yum.

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