Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Upcoming Deadpool Movie

Right this isn't a movie review but I need to share my excitement for this, Deadpool for me is probably most awesome X-men in the bunch (in my opinion) and if this film is handled right remains faithful it could be the most successful X-men movie ever and undo the damage they did with Wade Wilson in the Wolverine movie and even though I did enjoy that movie it just wasn't the correct way to handle the character.

I have also heard that Ryan Reynolds is reprising his role as Deadpool, I don't have a problem with this as some others have, it has been seen that he can handle the superhero role as seen in Green Lantern, the problem maybe is that behind his mask Deadpool is horribly scarred due to medical experiment gone wrong and well RR does like his face time on the silver screen, however Liam Neeson overcame this in the Darkman movie and proved acting ability can overcome looks.

I will now go back to the problem that the "others" may have, Once you have played one superhero should you play another, RR has already done this, he played a supporting role in Blade has already played DP and has been the Green Lantern so should an actor diversify ?, I don't know the argument could be made that GL is DC comics and DP is Marvel so that's OK, however this only my opinion and have no idea how the comic book geeks feel about this, I do know however I wasn't happy that Chris Evans has played 2 marvel characters in Captain America and the Human Torch.

Apparently the Zombieland boys have drafted the script for this so I have no problems about the quality of the movie that will be made.

Anyways of all the recent movies announced at the moment this and the upcoming PHASE 2 developments for the Avengers are the ones I am most excited about.

Sorry this isn't a review, normal service soon to be resumed !

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