Monday, 3 December 2012

The Martins

A Lee Evans comedy has to be hit, right ?

Rob Martin lives with his "Chav" family, he is a out of work competition addicted dole scrounger, son Rob Jr a underachieving 11 year old, his 14 year old pregnant daughter, his wife Kat who holds the family together and an across the road mother in law.

Rob is depressed with life seeing what others have and feeling a failure for his family however he gets a glimmer of happiness when he is told he is in the running for a all expenses paid holiday to the Isle of Man, however when he is told he hasn't won it he flips and goes to the newspaper who ran the competition with a gun he is "keeping" for a gangster friend he gets him to tell him who won the holiday and steals the holiday, the wife of the gangster who he is keeping the gun for wants it as he has been waving it all over town drawing a lot of unnecessary attention from the police, he rounds up his family and lies to them he has won the competition, on the way to the holiday destination it is revealed he has had a affair with the gangsters wife from his mother in law and his wife wants to the end the marriage after the holiday.

Nope it was awful, not good at all Lee Evans needs to stop too what he is good at and that's stand up.

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