Thursday, 22 November 2012

Dead Man Running

This caught my eye for the eclectic cast and when reading the synopsis it took my interest.

The current recession is also affecting the criminal underworld, and when a well known gangster and money lender comes to London he decides to make an example out of one his late payers.

Nick is a reformed villain trying to make a honest living for himself by setting up a travel agency, he employ's his best friend Bing who it appears is a thoroughly rubbish salesman, Nick also has a disabled mum who he looks after, he took a £100'000 loan out to look after his mum when he got sent to jail, he is visited by gangster Mr. Thigo and told he must repay the loan in 24 hours and to make sure he does he sends one of his men to Nick's mum armed with a shotgun.

Nick visits a friend who owes him money and to get the lowdown on the gangster, he gives him £3000 and tells him Thigo has locked down the criminal underworld making it impossible for him to borrow money from his criminal friends, he also tells his girlfriend who works a BDSM dominatrix and she agrees to help if she can, he then goes to visit his old promoter who managed him whilst he was bare fist fighter he organizes a fight for Nick which he wins and now has £9000, Bing then tells him about how he has a connection at Harlow dog track, they met him and for £300 he agrees to sabotage a dog so the long shot will win, it does and this makes them more money and when leaving Nick casually puts money on another dog, they then go to another one of Bing's connection to buy cocaine at cost and then double their money, they then by accident happen on a illegal rave and try to sell the drugs but when the guys try the goods it turn out that the cocaine is low quality as it has been heavily mixed with another substance, he tells them he desperately needs £100'000 and the drug guys say the know someone who needs a favour, this favour involves the shooting of a man, Bing at this point decides its getting to deep for him and leaves and asks Nick to call him after the job has been done, around the same time the man guarding Nicks mum falls asleep it is revealed at this point his mum is not really disabled and takes his shotguns.

Nick is told about his target and goes to shoot him this is revealed however to be a test which he passes and they take him to the real target, Nick takes the man out the house telling the driver he will not shoot him in a house where there is kids, they take him into the countryside and Nick appears to shoot him.

I really enjoyed this film and thought the acting besides the cameo appearances of 50 cent where decent, Brenda Blethyn played the mum so well, Danny Dyer and Tamar Hassan play their regular east-end wide boy role but they do it so well, I also liked how when we get deeper into the film the comedic element starts to go as the crimes get more serious, I also dislike the reviews I have read of this film saying its a Guy Ritchie knock off but I think if he had directed it they would be saying it was brilliant.

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