Saturday, 10 November 2012


Been wanting to watch this for a while, so last night I got the chance and I jumped at the chance.

A troubled bullied young boy named John has no friends, but then one Christmas he gets the present he wants, a big teddy bear, that night the goes to sleep with his new friend and see's a shooting star and makes a wish for his teddy to become real, they awake next morning to find the wish came true and they are immediately best friends, and even though Ted gets understandably international stardom he never strays away and as the years go by Ted's star fades but he and John still have each other.

We go to John who now is 35 and is in a long term relationship with Lori but still has Ted as a room mate, Ted has basically turned into a waster who spends his day smoking Marijuana and drinking, Lori wants John to make a solid commitment to her but feels whilst Ted is with John he will never move on, after a night out together they return to find Ted with 4 prostitutes and a shit on the floor from a prostitute after a game of truth and dare got out of control, angered by this Lori sets John the ultimatum of it being him or her, he explains to Ted who understands and agrees to move out on the proviso that they will remain friends.

Ted and John still spend a lot of time together, and helps Ted find a apartment and helps get him a interview for a job, even though Ted is rude and offensive in his interview the manager likes his honesty and gives him the job this frustrates Ted but he accepts it anyways, and whilst on the job carries on his offensive manner including having sex on the job with a co-worker, this action gets him promoted, to prompt Ted to ask his boss "you have severe personal problems don't you", John skips out of work one day using Lori as a excuse, whilst in the park a creepy man and his son approach Ted to tell him they are huge fans and want to buy him they appeases the man and he goes away.

Lori and John go to a work party, where John is annoyed by her Bosses constant flirting with her, however during the party Ted calls John to inform him Sam Jones (Flash Gordon) is there as they are both huge fans they get drunk and high with him, but Lori finds out and breaks it off, John blames Ted and ends their friendship also.

Ted finds John to talk it out but the conversation turns into a violent fight when John says he wishes he got a Teddy Ruxpin instead of him, however after the fight they reconcile and Ted vows to help him win back Lori with the help Norah Jones who Ted describes as woman who he "once had awkward furry sex with", at the concert she lets John sing a song to Lori and she is touched but her boss ridicules his efforts, Ted goes to visit Lori and explains it was him that led him astray and that she should try again with him and he will leave them be, Lori touched by this meets with John, however during her meeting with John he receives a phone call and from the number that rings him he deduces Ted has been kidnapped by the creepy man and his son.

Time to break off here as we head into end, the film was everything I hoped it would be, it was crude, rude and hilarious everything I would expect from Seth Macfarlane, so sit enjoy and be prepared to be grossed out.

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