Sunday, 11 November 2012

Hellraiser - Inferno

Another one of the Hellraiser sequels, I am sure I will stumble into a decent one eventually !.

The film is about a corrupt cop, who whilst investigating what looks like a ritual murder sacrifice finds the larmarchand puzzle box, he puts it into his pocket and doesn't report it, he goes home to change and his wife and child ask him to stop which he doesn't and just goes straight back out telling them he is in the middle of an investigation, he drives around for a while then picks up a prostitute for sex, after sex he goes into the bathroom and takes out the puzzle box and appears to solve it, he passes out and awakes, nothing appears to have happened.

He then starts to have hallucinations and starts seeing what appears to be cenobites, a pair of female twin cenobites who always try and seduce him and one with no torso keeps trying to chase him, also starts seeing a cenobite with no facial features, whilst during his investigations he finds that the murders are being committed by someone called the engineer who is suspected in the kidnap of small child and also he discovers people he has been around and questioned start to die in horrific manners, the prostitute is murdered and notorious sexual predator is killed when the engineer uses a flogger with fish hooks attached to it to flail the skin of his back, to the extent you see his spinal column, also it appears the engineer is leaving behind 1 of the child's fingers at every murder scene, he also starts going to a therapist to help him with his hallucinations.

So lets have a look at this movie, Its not a too bad effort to keep the franchise going but it really needed to stop after the third movie and this is the fifth, at least this one feels like a Hellraiser movie unlike some of the later installments, its still not that great though and the ending is overly complicated.

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