Friday, 9 November 2012

Are you Scared ?

A review on Netflix says it a gory thriller, never heard of it but I don't let things like that stop me.

Wow I mean WOW, what a totally unashamed Saw rip, 6 people find themselves trapped in a warehouse with no idea how they got there, then a voice comes across the PA system telling them they have been selected to participate in a reality TV show called Are you Scared ?, so one by one they take turns in facing their worst fear with the added bonus is that they can die, so we see the people in various contraptions trying to escape to make money.

So there you are a total saw rip-off with the added twist at the end also like Saw, only difference is the people choose to be involved, I was hoping it was made by the boys at Asylum as they are normally the ones that do rip-offs but alas it wasn't, I would also like to say it fell into the category that it was so shit it was good but alas again it wasn't, it comes to something when they even lift lines from Saw eg "the games have begun", so don't watch it unless you like the proper horror of wasting 80 mins of your life !!. 

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