Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man

OK a reboot of a film that not too long ago just had a trilogy, I don't approve of reboots but I am a superhero geek so I think I will give it a shot.

Peter Parker walks into his fathers study to find out it has been burgled, his parents walk into the room, his Father gathers the documents that are strewn on the floor, he is taken to his Aunt Meg and Uncle Ben's to be safe, it is later found out that his parents where killed in Airplane crash.

We go to Peter as a high school pupil, with the regular problems that face a teenager, he has a unrequited crush for a girl called Gwen Stacey and problems with the school bully named Flash.

At home Uncle Ben asks Peter to help him clean out the garage where he finds some of his fathers old work and learns he was working at OSCORP with a scientist by the name of  Dr. Kurt Connors and that their work was to help cure human disease and ailments with the help of animal DNA  Connors also has a selfish reason for this to help him restore his missing arm, Peter goes to OSCORP and sneaks onto a tour that Gwen Stacey is leading she realizes Peter isn't meant to be on the tour but Peter is happy as he has met Dr.Connors, whilst snooping peter goes into a room filled genetically modified spiders and is bitten, during the train ride back a fight accidently breaks out and this reveals he has heightened powers and abilities.

Peter returns to see Dr.Connors and gives him the missing formula that his father developed and he refined and agrees to see him after school, however whilst at school Peter gets into a fight with Flash and Uncle Ben has to be called into school and has to change shifts, he makes Peter agree to pick up his Aunt Meg from work in a way of a punishment, however Peter chooses to ignore or forget this as he goes Dr.Connors to test the lizard serum an a 3 legged mouse, when he returns home he is confronted by Uncle Ben they argue and Peter storms off, Uncle Ben goes to try and find him and talk it out rationally, however things end badly, Peter is buying a soft drink but doesn't have enough money and is only short a couple of cents but the clerk still refuses to serve him, the store is then robbed, Peter is in a position to help foil the robbery but refuses to help as the thief rushes past him, Uncle Ben is looking for Peter but bumps into the thief and is shot and killed after seeing the police description Peter realizes that if he had stopped the thief Uncle Ben would be still alive.

Peter filled with anger after his Uncles funeral decides to hunt the killer but unexpectedly turns into a vigilante by capturing other criminals, during a hunt to try and capture a criminal he falls into an old wrestling ring and this inspires to develop his outfit, he is named Spider-Man by the press and that is wanted for his vigilante antics by police Cpt. Stacey, Gwen Stacey's father.

Back at OSCORP it is revealed that the experiment worked and Dr.Connors bosses Mr. Ratha and the owner Norman Osborn want him to go ahead with human trials he refuses and is sacked, desperate he tests the serum on himself and his arm begins to regenerate, he goes to find Mr. Ratha but the effects keeps going and during the cab journey he turns into the villainous Lizard and makes Ratha his first victim.

So I guess by now you don't need me to tell you the rest of the film and that this films answers a few questions for rebooting; the effects are better, the story is delivered better and has lost the "kiddy" feel from the Spiderman trilogy however the story is exactly the same just with a couple of small differences, instead of Mary Jane we have Gwen Stacey and instead of the Green Goblin we have the Lizard and that's it, only reason the franchise was rebooted is because Sam Raimi didn't like the script for Spiderman 4 so they didn't go ahead with it and that I don't understand, Raimi is good yes but it didn't need to die because of him and in my opinion Spiderman 4 would have been more productive than another rehash sorry if you don't agree but I don't really care ;p

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