Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Guest House Paradiso

The TV series and the stage shows live on in this film.

Richie and Eddie are running a Guest House which neighbours a nuclear power plant, life in the guesthouse seems to trudging bore the only relief they get is in the form of being awfully violent to each other, their only paying guest has left, leaving the batty Mrs.Foxfur which the guys always seemingly exploit for their own purposes.

Then a family down on their luck want the cheapest holiday possible check into the hotel, Richie leads them to their room and instructs Eddie to take the kiddies to a play area (a swing on the edge of a cliff) and then tells Mr and Mrs.Nice to go the bar for a complementary drink whilst he goes through their baggage for things to steal, the only things he finds are rubber fetish wear, The reception bell then once again surprisingly rings and Richie is greeted by a beautiful woman a famous actress named Gina Carbonara she explains she needs to stop there as its so unknown and that her fiancee will never find her there, the boys have another problem they have no food to feed the guests, whilst on a hunt for food one of trucks going away from the nuclear plant spills some fish so they serve their guests fish.

Gina's husband Gino finds her and demands she marry him with some untruthful apologies from him she does however it doesn't take long for him to revert to his old ways and she wants rid off him, Some guys turn up from the Nuclear Power plant and tell Eddie that the fish is highly contaminated, the guest begin to be sick expelling green vomit everywhere.

Once again this where I stop the review I wasn't to sure where to stop it to be honest, the film is entertaining and is what you expect from Rik and Ade, however Guest House Paradiso seems to be a combination of Bottom and Fawlty Towers and this is it's downfall watch Bottom or Fawlty Towers as this doesn't quite work.

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