Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Ghost Rider

Another Marvel comic film, well I am a fan-boy now I guess !!

The devil Mephisto sends for a horse-backed man with a flamed skull for a face, he is the ghost rider, the devils bounty hunter, to collect a contract for a 1000 corrupt souls, he refuses to give him this as he knows this would give the devil what he wants, hell on earth.

150 years later the devil reaches out to Johnny Blaze, a motorcycle daredevil rider with his father and offers him a contract to help save his fathers life who has cancer, he cuts his finger with a paper cut but this accidently seals the contract and the devil takes his soul as payment, however the next day his father dies in a "accident" performing a stunt and the devil see's the contract fulfilled and tells Blaze that he will come for him, Johnny devastated and upset leaves his sweetheart in the rain and starts on his new life.

A few years later Johnny is now a world famous motorcycle stunt man and before a dangerous stunt, he for the first time does an interview with his childhood sweetheart Roxanne, he completes the jump and chases after her and makes a dinner date, at the same time Blackheart, the son of the devil, arrives on earth determined to collect the contract for the 1000 souls and is accompanied by 3 fallen angels, whilst getting ready for his date the devil shows up and makes Johnny the new Ghost Rider to stop his son in exchange he will give Johnny back his soul, he shows reluctance to do this but has no choice, he tracks down one of the fallen angels and gets a heavy chain to kill one of them, the others however escape, on his way back he hears the sound of a women being mugged, he saves her by giving the mugger the penance stare, his most dangerous weapon, this makes the prepatrator relive all the vile things they have done and leaves them in a coma like state.

Johnny awakes the next morning in a graveyard and meets a mysterious stranger known as the Caretaker, he knows all about the history of the Ghost Rider, they discuss the consequences of it and Johnny leaves knowing he has a new ally, back home Roxanne confronts him at being stood up, he tells her about the Ghost Rider, she however disbelieves him and angrily leaves, police then come to arrest him as they suspect he maybe responsible for the previous nights activities caused by Blackheart, he is put in a cell and is beaten by the other inmates but this turns him into Ghost Rider he knocks them out and escapes to resume his hunt of Blackheart, he finds another of the fallen angels and defeats him, Roxanne see's him as Ghost Rider and now believes him however Blackheart see's his reaction towards Roxanne and knows she is his weakness.

Johnny goes back to the Caretaker for help and tells him of the previous Ghost Rider who took the contract for a 1000 souls and how he was also tricked, he advises him to cut ties with those he cares about, Johnny returns home to find his best friend has been killed and that Blackheart has Roxanne, he fights him and tries to use the Penance stare however this has no effect as Blackheart has no soul, he then threatens to kill Roxanne if he doesn't give him the contract, we then head into a very good finale.

A good adaptation from the comic, they played Johnny Blaze's intensity down and this works for me as the Ghost Rider is intense all on his own, also Nicholas Cage plays it well and Eva Mendes as Roxanne is ravishing, so for me its a big thumbs up.

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