Thursday, 22 November 2012

Conan the Barbarian

Another what I presume is a remake, lets see how it fairs up to the original.

Conan is a baby born of war, his mother was killed during battle and his father had to cut him from his mother stomach to survive, he grows into childhood as a skilled but very angry warrior and this stops his father from giving him his own sword, one day their village is raided by Khalar Zym as he is looking for the divided pieces of a mask, he wants to retrieve all pieces as it gives the power to revive the dead and he wants to bring back his dead wife and be a almighty conqueror, he gets his piece and his daughter takes his fathers sword, Conan swears revenge to kill all that's responsible for his fathers death and for the destruction of his village.

Years later Conan has grown into a pirate but never forgot his vengeance, whilst looking for further riches he and his crew spy a slave colony, Conan not liking this free's the slaves, whilst in the city he encounters the thief Ela-Shan being chased by one of his fathers killers he allows himself to be arrested to get close to him, whilst in prison Conan kills several of the guards and get the man to reveal where Zym is and he also tells him about the need to find a pure blood descendant of a sorcerer to release the masks power, Conan then leaves him to the mercy of the other prisoners who kill him, he departs not before Ela-Shan thanks Conan and if he ever needs a favour to find him.

Zym and his daughter attack a monastery looking for the pure blood, the high monk orders Tamara one of the priestesses to leave in the carriage, they are chased by several of Zym's men, when the high monk refuses to tell Zym and his daughter Marique where she went they kill him and the other priestesses, Conan who see's Zym's men chasing the priestess goes after it thinking it is Zym when he realizes its not he kills the pursuers and captures of his Zym's men who tells him Tamara's importance he kills him by firing him on a catapult into Zym's camp with a note telling them he has Tamara.

Zym and Marique confront Conan and they do battle, Conan comes out the losing end but Tamara manages to rescue him and take him back to his ship where Conan recovers, Zym's men then attack Conan's ship but they are defeated, Conan orders the ship to return to the city to protect Tamara and he goes off to confront Zym, Tamara is given a map to Conan's location she finds him and they make love, on her way back to the ship Zym's men and daughter capture her.

And that my beloved readers is where I normally cut off, the film is not a remake and they have seem to have gone a new direction with it, to be honest I am not sure if this is a bad thing or not and for me the film was meh, not too good but not too bad either, to be honest I preferred the Schwarzenegger version better.

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