Sunday, 11 November 2012


Got recommend this. So as you can tell from this title you know what it is going to be about.

The film is about Annie who is asked by her best friend Lillian to be her maid of honour, she accepts but at the engagement party has a rival in Helen, who obviously wants to fill the role, even the dislike and jealousy of each other is obvious, Lillian asks them to spend some time together and get to know each other, this results in an incredibly violent game of tennis.

The anger builds in Annie who after a dinner that she organizes where Helen dislikes any themed ideas for a party, then they go for a fitting of bridesmaid dresses, they become ill with food poisoning except Helen who didn't eat the contaminated food and then orders everyone the expensive bridesmaid dresses that she likes.

Annie tries to organize the bachlorette party by suggesting they go to Lillian's parents summer house to try and save money, Helen once again trumps this by booking everyone flights to Las Vegas however Annie refuses to accept the 1st class ticket and flies in coach, however she is afraid of flying and is given alcohol and sedatives this makes her extremely drunk and tells Helen exactly what she thinks of her and this makes the Air Marshall land the plane, this angers Lillian and tells Annie that she doesn't want her to her Maid anymore and asks Helen to do it.

Annie goes home and tries to adjust, she starts flirting with a cop called Nathan and after seeing each other a couple of times they have sex, the next morning she runs out on him after he is nice her and she worries that because of a "fuck buddy" relationship she has with a man called Ted who is basically a shit she needs to re-evaluate her life.

Annie goes to the bridal shower now organized by Helen and get angered as she has basically stolen all her poo-poo'd ideas and has a melt down at the party and Lillian tells her that if that's her attitude she shouldn't bother turning up to the wedding.

Well if you want the questions answering watch the rest of the film, you know what the question are that need answering right ?, will she make up with her friend will she make the right decision with Mr. Right and will she sort things out with Helen, but my advice on this is for a 2 hour comedy film it should have a lot more than a couple of chuckles and the chuckles where provided from the ones who are actual comedians not the actors, so sorry its thumbs down from me on this one and it takes too long to get into as well and there was a lot of scenes that where unnecessary for the running of the film and in my opinion very strangely done and very insipid.

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