Monday, 12 November 2012

21 Jump Street

I tried to watch this once but was thwarted in my effort, nothing was going to stop me this time !!.

Two guys who where polar opposites in school, one a jock named Jenko, one a brainiac named Schmidt, meet again at the police academy and use each others strengths to graduate and along the line make friends, they graduate and are assigned to each other as partners but are given menial duties, one day they spot an opportunity to make their mark by trying to arrest some known drug dealers but botch their arrest, for this their captain assigns them to the revived Jump Street programme, which is a programme that investigates crimes involving teenagers and high schools.

They go to their new assignment and are told they are there because of their youthful looks, they are given an assignment at a school to stop a new drug from reaching the outside world and contain and stop it, they are also given new identities as brothers, Jenko is now known as Brad McQuaid and Schmidt is know known as Doug, they move into Schmidt's parents for the duration of the investigation.

They go into the school and make friends but they find its changed since they where at school, Schmidt is know considered the popular kid and now Jenko is considered weird, they also develop some romantic interests without trying, Schmidt likes a girl called Molly who he meets in drama auditions and Jenko's chemistry teacher takes an unhealthy interest in him, It doesn't take them long to find who is dealing the drugs, it is one of the popular kids, they go and arrange a deal and they try and take the drugs away but the dealer Eric insists that they take it there, the results of taking the drug makes Eric like Schmidt.

Jenko and Schmidt decide to throw a party to cement their popularity, they buy Beer and steal Marijuana from the police lock up, the party goes successfully and during it Jenko steals Eric's mobile phone to put a tracker and transmitter on it and after the party Eric asks Schmidt to become one of his dealers but instead of selling it he gives it to his Captain and he gives him the money to get it out of circulation.

Schmidt then goes to Eric's house where he asks Molly to prom and she accepts but then belittles Jenko to the group but Jenko can hear this because of the transmitter, this makes them fall out but they remain on task, just before Schmidt's drama play Jenko see's Eric leaving school they follow him and see him trying to do a deal with the dealers mentioned earlier, but are forced to run when they are spotted, they back to school and Jenko confronts Schmidt about his earlier insults and insists Schmidt is getting in too deep, they fight during the play and ruin it this makes Molly fall out with Schmidt they also get expelled from school and also get fired from Jump Street as not getting expelled was one the proviso's of the job.

Ending it here again as you know what surely is going down in the finale, this is a very funny film, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum play their roles brilliantly they also get some brilliant support from Ice Cube, so enjoy and be prepared to laugh, ohh and enjoy the surprise cameo!.

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