Saturday, 17 November 2012

Silent Hill

Based on a game and I love the game, but often adaptations suck ass !!

A couple, Rose and Chris DaSilva awake to find their daughter Sharon has gone missing they search the outside and the mother finds her standing on the edge of cliff screaming SILENT HILL, she dives and stop her from falling and takes her back home.

The mother desperate for answers why her child is having nightmares about a town called Silent Hill takes her on a journey against the wishes of her husband, but undaunted takes her anyways whilst stopping for petrol a policewoman seems to take an unhealthy interest in them and takes the number plate but they drive on anyways, as they get closer to the town they see a small child in the road and Rose swerves the car, it spins and they crash, she awakes after the crash to find Sharon gone and surrounded in an eerie fog, she goes in search of her daughter and see's what she thinks is her daughter and chases her, then a chime sounds everything goes dark and creatures emerge, she battles to escape them and goes through a door and then awakes to a juke box playing and it being daytime.

She carries on the search for her daughter and she happens on what appears to be a homeless woman she shows her the picture of her daughter and the woman screams that this is her daughter Alessa she tries to attack her but Rose fights her off and runs away, whilst on her way to the school is stopped and arrested by police officer Cybil she tries to tell her about the problems with silent hill but tries to take her back anyway but the road out no longer exists.

Meanwhile Chris has been investigating and has been searching the town with the kindly Det. Gucci without the eerie fog, the search proves fruitless Chris begins investigating himself and finds some old records and a picture of a child that looks exactly like his daughter but the picture is 30 years old, he goes to an orphanage where he and his wife adopted their daughter but they are unwilling to divulge information and Det. Gucci threatens to arrest him and sends him home.

Cybil now realizing she needs Rose's help releases her especially after it turns to night again and monsters once again appear, when light comes again they get out and start searching for Sharon, they meet a young lady named Anna who tells them about a place of refuge, whilst they are heading there the gong goes again telling them night fall is about to take place, as they get into the church Anna is killed by one of the monsters, they get in there and discover the place of refuge is actually a fanatical cult, Rose tells the leader Christabella about her daughter, Christabella tells her she thinks a demon at the hospital maybe able to help her, when light emerges again they go to the hospital, Christabella then see's a picture of Sharon and how it look like Alessa and shouts WITCHES at Rose and Cybil, realizing the danger Cybil put herself in harms way and Rose escapes to find the demon.

Right the review ends here as huge spoiler is about to happen, I will say the film is hard to piece together and you need to give your undivided attention and also has the feel of the computer game this is not a bad thing as it remains loyal to the game and for me if your going to get your inspiration from a source such as a game or book then stick to it, but on the whole an enjoyable film and thank god for the huge spoiler !.

Poster by JerimiahStudios

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