Friday, 23 November 2012

Dragon Eyes

A Van Damme film not watched one of them in ages.

A man called Hong turns up in the Village of St.Jude it is a village being torn apart by a pair of rival drug gangs, Hong goes and asks for a room at a nearby apartment block when he goes back to his car he greeted by 3 thugs they try and attack him but he beats them up, he turns his attention the rival gangs and goes into conflict with them, the rival gangs do not like that a man is hurting there businesses and the local sergeant doesn't like it either as he isn't getting his cut from either gang anymore, they both try and kill him but he manages to defeat them both, he goes to see both gangs and they agree to a truce also it is laid down that the drug dealing is done on the outskirts of the town and that no dealing happens to children.

Through out the film we get flashbacks from his time in jail with what becomes his mentor Tiano.

Mr.V a corrupt police chief takes interest in what Hong is doing and is impressed with his skills, he allows him to run St. Judes if he does him favours such as getting rid of dealers cutting into the business, he does this but does not kill anyone, back in St. Judes people are starting to take pride in there town keeping it clean and painting over vandalism.

Money goes missing from Mr.V he suspects different people including his own police but ultimately blames Hong, he has Hong captured and beaten and when goes to see him Hong has escaped and no one knows how, Mr V then lets another more powerful and more violent gang takeover in St. Judes, it is then revealed during Hongs recovery why he has gone to the town, to fulfill a promise made to his mentor.

Right only a small review with this one as that's all it needed, I have to say with Van Damme's name being the lead in this his role was only minimal this isn't a bad thing but for goodness sake don't give him top billing, Cung Le as hong was good but for my money he should stop in MMA and not concentrate on acting as that's  his strong suit, but then as the most as the martial artist besides Van Damme are MMA based we got some good action, it was also good to see some of Le's MMA buddies in cameo's such as Dan Henderson, also Van Damme's son has a small role in this so before you hit IMDB to see who it is watch and try and have a guess.

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