Wednesday, 7 November 2012

An American Werewolf in London

I love this film, uncompromising, very unusual but an excellent classic.

2 American college students are on a back packing holiday, it is getting late on the Yorkshire Moors when they come across a pub named the Slaughtered Lamb, whilst in the pub the reception they face is for from hospitable but engage is some banter with the locals however when they ask about the pen-tangle on the wall the reception becomes once again hostile and they decide to leave, however when leaving they are offered advice "beware the moon" and "stay to roads", the landlady of the pub is getting distressed about the boys and asks the locals to go get them, as they are talking a Howl from outside breaks the silence, the boys also hear the howl and they also hear something or someone following them and getting closer they also notice it is a full moon and that they have left the roads, then something pounces and attacks the boys, Jack is killed but David is saved by the pub goers when the beast is shot and killed, however when David looks over before he passes out it seems he has been attacked by an average looking man.

David awakes from his attack 3 weeks later and faces questioning from police about the attack, he is told he is in London, he tells the police he was attacked by a large wolf, the police deduce he is suffering from shock as the person responsible was apparently a escaped lunatic.

Whilst in Hospital he meets a pretty young nurse named Alex and the attraction between the 2 is obvious, but he also starts having bizarre dreams and starts what he thinks is hallucinations when he starts seeing his dead friend Jack looking like he did after the attack, Jack informs his friend they where attacked by a werewolf and that he cant go because anyone who dies from a attack is doomed to wander the earth in limbo until the line is broken, he also informs David he is now a werewolf and must kill himself before the next full moon to avoid more death, David greets this news with skepticism.

David however tells his doctor about this and he goes to investigate the village where David was attacked but thinks the village is living in some sort of mass psychosis but is informed that David is accurate in what he is saying.

David leaves the hospital and with no-where to go moves in with Alex and they embark on a relationship, but it is not long before he starts seeing Jack again warning him about the Moon and that once again he should kill himself.

The following day he as alone in the flat he begins to experience excruciating pains, he rushes to the window to see a full moon and as Jack predicted he begins to turn into a Werewolf, he escapes the flat and into London's crowded streets and that,s when the fun begins.

So what we have here is a wonderfully shot film with fantastic special effects, just go and see it.

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