Sunday, 11 November 2012


Just a random choice, I was looking through Netflix and it peaked my interest.

Paul Conroy awakes in a coffin in the middle of the Iraqi desert with no idea how he got there, he is bound and gagged and with only minimal supplies, a light and a Blackberry, he escapes his gag and restraints binding his hands together, he receives a phone call from some terrorists demanding that they pay them $5'000'000 or he will die in his coffin, he tries ringing various people to help, he tries ringing the police to no avail  then the FBI but the phone signal goes, his company but that goes to answer phone, his friends but they are also no help, he finally gets through to the US State department who tell him they will not negotiate with terrorists, they however connect him with Dan Brenner who works in Iraq to try and help free hostages and reassures him that they have had successes in the past by rescuing a man called Mark White.

The terrorists ring him and demand he make a hostage video, Dan tells him not to do this however the terrorists send him a video message with a gun to a female colleagues head, he makes the video and sends it to them, despite this they execute her anyways, Paul calls Dan getting increasingly worried and skeptical that anyone is coming to help him he tells him he shouldn't have made the video but does try and reassure him that they are doing their best to find him, he also rings his Mother who has dementia to try and talk and say goodbye but she doesn't understand.

Explosions are heard all around him this causes him coffin to split and sand to slowly start to leak in, his mobile phone then goes it is from his company who he works for to tell him that he got fired that morning for fraternization it is inferred that this is happening to get the company out paying his family any benefits should he die, Brenner then calls him to tell him that a team of F-16 jets have just leveled the area they think he is in, he responds that he knows! but they do tell him his kidnappers may have been killed, getting increasingly accustomed that is fate is death he makes out a video testament on the phone which is increasingly losing battery, he leaves everything to his wife and child, the terrorist calls him again demanding he spill his blood or it will be his wife and child, they convince him by telling him they know where he lives, becoming more desperate for freedom he does this and sends them the video.

A little while later Brenner calls Paul telling him they have captured someone and that they now know his location and they are on there way to get him, he hangs up as his wife rings and they tell each other that they love each other and that he will hang on.

Now i will leave it at the exciting conclusion and it is a good one, I was impressed by this film as it basically one camera on Ryan Reynolds for 90 minutes all the other voices he hears are through a mobile phone, he has no-one to bounce lines off no other faces and quite rightly won a lot of acclaim for this role, it's a shame the film didn't make it more commercially.

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