Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Saw 3D aka The Final Chapter

They had to finish it sooner or later so lets hope it goes out on a bang !

We start with a flashback, Dr.Gordon the survivor from the 1st film is crawling along the ground the blood pumping from the leg he had to amputate to survive, he crawls to a hot steam pipe and uses it to cauterize his leg, we then go to the present day and in a shop window 2 men are attached to a table with a rotor blades in front of them, above them is suspend a girl, the puppet Billy comes out and informs them that they can choose to save themselves or they can fight and the winner gets the girl who has used them both, they have a minute to decide, they fight but when the girl contradicts herself by telling who is winning at any moment she loves them they decide she should die and she does with her intestines getting thrown all over the room.

We then go to Det.Hoffman escaping from Jill's (Jigsaw's wife) trap he chases her but she escapes and goes to Gibson an internal affairs and tells him that she has proof that Hoffman is Jigsaws apprentice and she says she will tell all for immunity, We then cut to another trap 4 skinheads are told because if their intolerance they need to prove their worth they fail the task and all die with a car shooting out of the warehouse and exploding.

Bobby Dagen  is a self help guru and has done a TV interview about being a Jigsaw survivor and informs that he is meeting other survivors of Jigsaw, he has a secret however he lied about being a survivor whilst at the meeting he talks to others about their experiences and is ironically clapped by DR.Gordon.

Hoffman knows that Jill is helping Gibson and sends him a series of clues to his location and makes an offer to stop the killings forever if he gives his Jill, We then Cut to Bobby in a warehouse and so let the games begin !!.

It finishes the series just right it ties up all the remaining loose ends, what happens to Jill, will Hoffman get caught and the rounding off a twist that the saw geeks like me knew was coming !!.

Jurassic Park Trilogy

Watched over the course of a Saturday Evening on a whim.

Jurassic Park

So we have the original and the best of the bunch, John Hammond a man with my opinion with to much money and time on his hands pays some scientists to create some dinosaurs from the blood taken from a prehistoric mayfly that sucked the blood of a dinosaur, he invites some of the best paleontologists in the world to get their opinion of his creations and Dr.Malcolm who is a chaos theorist (I don't know either), and of course you have the obligatory cute children in the film (This is a Speilberg film after all), Hammond sends them all on a tour of a park and that's when the fun starts thanks to disgruntled employee Dennis who wants more money, he hacks the system so he can get out some dino dna out to a rival company, the system locks out and the dinosaurs get free.

It is cliched this film but I ignore that because of the awesome special effects, all the parts are attacked well, especially Jeff Goldblum's role as Dr.Malcolm, but then doesn't he do geek well in films !!

The Lost Word: Jurassic Park

John Hammond has lost control of his company he asks Dr.Malcolm to meet him and tells him of site B, a Island full of dinosaurs who have appeared to flourished without the human intervention, his nephew who took over the company wants to try and reestablish Jurassic park, Hammond doesn't so sends Malcolm and a team to stop them.

This is basically the same film on a island with 2 sets of people with different ideas on dinosaurs, the ones who want them as a sideshow attraction and the ones who want to leave the 30 foot killing machines alone, guess what side I am on !!

In my opinion its a film that got made because people wanted a sequel and if like me you like dinosaurs munching on folk then enjoy, if its a new story-line you want then be prepared to be disappointed, on plus side the ending is pretty cool.

Jurassic Park III

A divorced couples son goes missing after a paragliding accident and tempt Dr.Grant ( a paleontologist from the first film) by lying to him with the promise of a huge cheque that they want to see the site B island, the island where their son has gone missing, he is reluctant at first but agree's, when they touchdown on the island their true intentions are revealed, then once again we have people running from dinosaurs whilst trying to find a small child.

This film seems forced and rushed, it seems that making money for the franchise is much more important than a story because the base story for all 3 films is the same, human see dinosaurs think they are great, human then see a dinosaur chasing them and then run, the positive for me in this film is the more concentration placed on the raptor dinosaurs and if like me in the 2nd film you like the dinosaur munchy side then you are fine but once again a repetitive story-line.


Not the worst trilogy in the world but certainly not the best, in my little humble opinion if they had just left it at one film it would have gone down as a cult classic and because of the sequels it wont, and lets bare in mind Spielberg did that with another classic and killed it with sequels can you guess the name of that one ?

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Any film with a title like this deserves a watch.

What if Abraham Lincoln hadn't seen his mother killed a vampire, what if that the American civil war was actually about vampirism more than it was about slavery ? this is what this film tells us.

A young Abraham Lincoln is watching his father at work, he see's his friend being beaten by the owner of the company his father works and intervenes, then the owner turns his attention to the young Abe and his father interferes and is told because of his interference is fired and is told he must pay back all monies owed to him, he responds by saying he will pay back nothing, later that evening Jack Barts (the owner) sneaks into the Lincolns home and silently attacks his mother she dies in the attack.

Lincoln enter adulthood with one thing on his mind, vengeance, he gets drunk and sets out to kill Barts, however Barts easily overpowers despite being clearly shot in the eye, Lincoln is then rescued by a stranger, he comes round in a strange bed and finds Henry Sturges who explains to him about the existence of Vampires, he offers to train Lincoln into a Vampire Hunter which he accepts, during his training he tells Lincoln of the main Vampires in America one that the most of the vampires are descended from, Adam and his sister Vadoma, after his training he goes back to kill Barts and is successful.

Lincoln then moves to Springfield where he forms friendships and a romantic attachment with Mary Todd, during a visit to Springfield it is revealed that Henry is a Vampire but hates other vampires as they killed his wife and child but as he is a vampire cant kill other vampires and that only the living can kill the dead.

As the film progresses Abraham puts down his Axe and realizes that the best form of action is political and that the only reason slavery exists is because its gives Vampires direct access to easy blood and hence the civil war starts.

To be honest I could go on forever reviewing this film as there is a lot to talk about, this is not a bad a thing as the film follows pretty well, but this film is "out there" but the idea that is linked into the civil war is brilliant.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Hellraiser - Hellworld

Part 8 of the franchise, I must be mental.

Yes I am mental, the story line is quite clearly adapted to fit Hellraiser  It is obvious to me that this film was meant to be something else and they fitted in the cenobites around the story line.

It starts with a group of friends at a funeral, a friend has died because of obsession with Hellraiser and cenobites they all blame themselves for not preventing his death, 2 years later they go onto a website to try a win a challenge to go to a Hellraiser party, which unsurprisingly they all win entry too.

When they get to the party they are greeted by the host (Lance Henriksen), he shows them around the building which was designed by Larmarchand (puzzle box designer) and tells them about the terrifying history of the building as that it was a mental asylum run by a Nun of all people.

Anyways the party gets into full effect and the group of friends start to get slowly picked off by either the host or various cenobites.

The only redeeming quality about this film is the ending as it offers a unusual ending but that also relegates the involvement of the cenobites during the film and that is annoying because isn't part of the film title called Hellraiser !, and the cenobite presence in the film must only a couple of minutes at the most, also I cant believe Lance Henriksen saw the script for this and thought "yeah this looks good !", c'mon fella you where bishop in Aliens.

You have to wonder what Clive Barker thinks of what they have done to his beautiful creation, no wonder he has distanced himself from these I would have too.


Heard a lot of good things about this and was not disappointed.

A family move to a new house and immediately notice strange things happening, one night one of the children Dalton hears something in the attic and goes to investigate he falls on some steps and bangs his head, his parents hear his scream and rush to him, he appears fine and they put him to bed as normal, in the morning he gets called for breakfast but doesn't respond, he gets rushed to hospital and the parents are told he is in a unexplained coma.

A little while later Dalton gets moved back home whilst still in his coma, his mother Renai starts believing the house is haunted, she confronts Husband Josh about this and he agrees to move home again to please his wife, however in the new home the paranormal events carry on occurring and getting more realistic and violent, Josh's Mother learns of this and contacts a friend who specialises in paranormal phenomenon, as she investigates she see's a dark evil presence in Dalton's Room.

It is then explained to the parent's that Dalton can astral project and that he inherited this ability off his father and why he scared of his picture being taken, because as a child, a spirit attached herself to him and tried to use his astral projection to enter the human world and that is why spirits are surrounding Dalton's body as they too are trying to use him to gain entry to the human world but the main worry is dark evil presence that was spotted in his bedroom, is keeping Dalton's spirit hostage and that's why he can't wake from his coma.

So cue the ending where Josh has to astral project and rescue his son.

A wonderful film, a true mind screwer and works that angle so beautifully, it is so well acted and the twists in the film do not disappoint, so if you discover this film enjoy it, it proves that sometimes a horror film doesn't need gore to be successful, and the ending is not what you expect at all.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Beneath the Planet of the Apes

I got the saga on a DVD box-set so the sequel was always going to be watched.

So it carries on exactly from a first one with Nova and Taylor on a horse, Taylor goes exploring and just literally vanishes out of thin air, leaving Nova wandering upon the horse on her own, In other place another spaceship has crashed this one was sent to find Taylor and his crew and like Taylor when he gets there he believes he has landed on another planet, Brent bumps into Nova and notices Taylor's dog tags being worn by Nova and tries to asks her questions but with Nova being mute she cant respond. Hoping his friend is still alive he rides with Nova and encounters the Ape city, he observes the Apes aggressive nature and attempts to flee with Nova but is Injured by a soldier but  they find Zira and Cornelius where they talk about Taylor, They hide however when Dr. Zaius arrives and tells them about the upcoming invasion of the forbidden zone.

Brent and Nova eventually escape the city after getting captured, they hide in cave which Brent discovers is actually they entrance of a New York subway and realizes he is on earth, whilst exploring the cave his mind hears voices telling him to kill Nova he fails in this and encounters a group of telepathic humans who worship a nuclear bomb which they call a divine bomb, they interrogate him and learn the apes are marching on an the forbidden zone and plan to detonate it if they need to.

Brent is separated from Nova and is placed in a cell with Taylor, where they try to escape, and this sets up the ending.

I didn't really enjoy this film, I found it long and drawn out and also found the plot ridiculously complicated, I feel it could have been a lot easier and simplier and also feel Charlton Heston did this film probably because he was contracted to and didn't want to hence the lack of screen time.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Planet of the Apes

The original Charlton Heston classic.

A team of human space explorers land an a planet, the planet seems desolate but habitable, they explore their environment and find other humans, they seem like cavemen compared to them, then a hunt occurs after a hunt the humans and Taylor (the astronaut) are captured by what appears to be intelligent apes, humans on this world are mute and primitive and as he has been injured during the hunt he is unable to communicate to the speaking apes that he is intelligent as they are.

When they get back to the ape city, the ape scientists take an interest in Taylor, he tries to communicate with the scientist Zira who is convinced he is intelligent as he mimic's her actions, this pleases her and decides to put him in a partner a female called Nova.

Later Taylor steals some pen and paper from Zira and this convinces her of his intelligence, Zira enlists her partner Cornelius to help and with written communication he tells Zira and Cornelius where he came from, then Cornelius's boss a Dr. Zaius as learns of Taylor's intelligence but thinks this as some sort of sideshow mimicked intelligence and orders him to be castrated, Taylor tries to escape and during the escape speaks uttering the films probably most famous lines.

The Apes then have cause to take Taylor seriously but refuse to believe his stories of space travel and threaten to labotomize him, he tells them of others that came with him but he later finds one was killed and the other has been labotomized.

Taylor with help from Zira and Cornellious and other apes that believe in fair treatment for humans manages to escape taking Nova with him and also kidnap Dr. Zaius building up for a dramatic ending.

The film is a stone cold classic, and is filled with many memorable scene's but tends to drag in places and for me has too much plot build up in places.

Thursday, 25 October 2012


A Tom Hardy film about MMA, go on then.

The film is essentially about 2 brothers and an alcoholic father, who's alcoholism and the death of his wife tore apart the family.

One is a Iraq war veteran the other is a teacher, when the war veteran (Tom Hardy) returns home he causes a sensation when he goes into a gym and whilst sparring with the No.1 contender he dominates and destroy's  him, this goes onto YouTube and goes viral appearing on MMA shows, the other brother is struggling to make ends meet and starts training again in order to appear on local house shows to make some money.

Its also revealed that the brothers love of MMA comes from a father who was a trainer, The elder brother (the teacher) Brendan, finds out that he needs more money as his daughter needs open heart surgery and is struggling to make his mortgage payments and decides to go full pro again, we also get a rockyesque Adrienne type whinge from his wife about him promising not too fight again, so cue a montage of him get better and winning a few fights.

It is announced that a Middleweight tournament is coming and that the best fighters from around the world are fighting in it, Tommy (Tom Hardy) gets contacted and he agrees to participate getting his fathers help as a trainer on the provision he is a trainer and not a father, Brendan also gets in by default as the best fighter in his gym is taken injured, we also get introduced to the unstoppable Russian fighter Koba played by Kurt Angle.

So now you know the basics you can pretty much guess whats coming up, brotherly healing, father realizing he was a prick etc...... and cue a cheesey ending, it's an OK film but there was so much more than could have been done with it and I think that they could have got a proper MMA fighter to play Koba, not an Ex amateur wrestler and current pro one,as they did have some proper MMA fighters during some of fight scenes.

By the way the other half does recommend this as Tom Hardy has beefed up and spends must of his time with next to nothing on.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Summer School

A very under-looked 80's teen type film.

The film revolves around slacker gym teacher Freddy Schoop and his gang of miscreant summer school kids, he has to teach summer school in order to retain his job.

The film does fall into nearly every 80's feel good stereotype feel good teen movie, you have the 2 slacker waster friends, the hot student (who the boys all lust after), the air-head with the unrequited crush, the one with a chip on her shoulder who softens and the nerd, but they do the roles very well.

So Mr.Schoop has to get them to pass remedial English or he loses his job, he agree's to grant them one wish in order to get their attention and then cue a lot of inspirational music and montages and funny moments as they have their wishes fulfilled and start to educate themsleves.

It may seem like I am having a downer on the film but I am really not, It is very amusing and the roles are very well played, I am also guessing you don't need me to tell you it also has a happy ending.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Escape from Alcatraz

Based on a true story but obviously a lot of Hollywood poetic license was used.

Frank Morris is sent to Alcatraz a man with a genius IQ, he is introduced to the governor who informs him that no has ever escaped from Alcatraz, he is stripped and sent to his cell.

He immediately makes friends of Doc a inmate who likes to paint and Litmus a man who can lay his hands to almost any contraband in the prison, he also makes an enemy of prisoner called Wolf who essentially wants Frank to be his "bitch", Frank defends himself and beats Wolf where they both get sent to isolation, he also makes a friend of a man called "English" a black man sentenced to 2 life sentences for the self defense killings  of 2 white men.

During time in his cell he discovers the concrete around the grill in his cell has softened and starts planning his escape, he also meets a pair of brothers who are escape artists and uses them to help him in his plan and also enlists the help of new cellmate Charlie, they use litmus to get them supplies to aid with their escape which he asks for their desserts in payments, around this time the Governor does a usual inspection of the cells where he discovers Doc's painting of him and the various prison staff he revokes his painting privileges and the next day in wood-shop Doc cuts his fingers off feeling he as nothing left to live for.

The escape plan progresses and it gets very involved with the characters.

 A Well shot and a very enjoyable film.

Monday, 15 October 2012

A fistful of Dollars

A classic spaghetti western and one of Sergio Leone's best.

This is the film that cemented Clint Eastwood into being remembered as one of genre's most remembered, although the concept in its entirety was stolen from Kurasawa's Yojimbo.

Its about a stranger who arrives at a remote Mexican Village, he goes to the local saloon where the innkeeper tells him about the 2 families vying to control the town as it's a hotbed for illegal gun sales between the Mexican and American army, the stranger see's an opportunity to use the families hate for each other and  to makes some money by using his services as a gunslinger.

He takes advantage when a group of Mexican soldiers come through the village and are hijacked by one the village gangs and are killed, he uses this information to sell to the other gang, he then goes backwards and forwards between the gangs to use information against each other.

Along the way as he gets deeper involved he begins to see how innocent parties are affected by his involvement and the streets being a basic war zone and decides he needs to take a stand against both parties and do what is right.

A very good a film and a stone cold classic in the cowboy genre and if you haven't seen the film I am pretty sure most people know the classic ending.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Troll Hunter

A film made in "real time" I am very skeptical about these, as they are very hit and miss.

The film is about a bunch of college students trying to make a film about a suspected bear poacher named Hans, their pursuit is long and dogged as they approach him he tells them repeatably to go away, one night they follow him into the woods where they hear strange noises then Hans runs out of the woods and yells "TROLL", one of the students Thomas is attacked by a large animal,which is revealed to be a Troll, they all then escape in Hans's land rover.

Whilst with Hans although skeptical about the existence of Trolls he agree's to let them document him, he checks if any of the kids are religious which they say they aren't  and makes them put on troll stench also, they go back with with Hans into the woods where they once again hear noises and to their surprise encounter a Troll, Hans destroys the beast with a powerful UV ray, a representative turns up from the Troll Security Agency where it is explained that most strange weather phenomenons reported on TV such as hurricanes ripping down trees is more often then not Trolls and mysterious animal deaths are blamed on bears, it is also reported that the Trolls are behaving strangely.

So for the rest of the film we follow Hans and encounter other people such veterinarians and the government who are also in on the secret.

The film is shot in Norwegian but does have English subtitles, it was a regional film that achieved Major success worldwide and quite rightly so, it is very tongue in cheek enjoyable and shot and acted superbly not quite Blair Witch or Paranormal Activity standard but still good, so enjoy.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Running Man

A Prime Schwarzenegger film one I have watched numerous times but not for a number of years, This is another film set in a big brother type future.

Ben Richards is imprisoned, framed for a crime by the state for the Bakersfield massacre a crime he didnt commit, whilst in prison he makes freinds with Weiss and Lochlan two members of the underground, the underground accounts for the majority of prisoners, the underground want to tell people the truth, they along with the other inmates bust out of prison and Richards leaves his friends to go into the city where he hopes his brother can ger him out of the country.

Whilst at the TV station they are looking for a new contestant  for the stations number one show the running man, a show where criminals are hunted for the viewing public by people know as stalkers, the host and a major player in the government Nathan Killian see's the break out of the prison and decides he wants Richards for the show.

He goes to his brother apartment and finds out he no longer lives there, and now a woman called Amber does, she informs him that he was taken by the state for re-education, he takes her hostage informing her that he was set up, she of course doesnt believe him, he then goes to the airport with Amber telling her as soon as he is safe he will let her go, whilst at the airport she manages to escape him and the authorities recapture him.

He wakes up in a cell to Killians face to be informed that he will the running man whether he likes it or not, around the same time it breaks to Amber in her apartment where she see's on the news that they captured Richards but he killed several people at the airport, she knows this not to be true.

Richards is being prepped for the show and long the way see's amber and a friend talking about what happened, she goes one way and Richards goes to the show, during the introduction Killain announces they have caught Weiss and Lochlan and they will be running with him, they are taken to the first game zone and one of the crowd chooses a stalker named Sub-Zero to take them on, during the battle Richards manage to overpower and kill Sub-Zero, this shocks the crowd.

Amber whilst at the station goes looking for footage of the Bakersfield Massacre and finds Richards was righ,t she then gets cornered by security and is also sent into the game-zone as they obviously dont want the truth revealed.

Ok sorry this big review but for a action film there is alot that needs explaining in the build up, and obviously I dont need to say much more because obviously you see what coming.

A very enjoyable film but dont expect any loyality to the stephen king book, only likenesses are it is set in the future and there is a show called the running man and that the state control things, seperate that make them two seperate entities and you are fine.

Jackass 2

Ummm not sure how to review this as its not a film persay.

So its the usual crew from the first film and the tv show doing on film what they cant do on television, So cue Messers Knoxville, Margera and his long suffering parents, the late Ryan Dunn, Wee man, Steve-O, Pontious and the rest, generally doing gross out stunts.

The film opens with the stunt of them being chased by wild bulls, other stunts include Steve-O pushing a fish hook through his cheek, the firehouse rodeo this is basically a man sitting on a firehose whilst it throws him about, and just generally hurting each on skateboards shopping carts bmx bikes and various other implements.

As I say cant really review this but if you like to see mentallists hurt themselves in gross ways then enjoy !.


One of the more loyal book adaptions for screen for Stephen King.

Paul Sheldon is finishing his latest book at his regular cabin, on his way back to civilization his car gets caught is a snowstorm and crashes, he is pulled from wreckage, He eventually wakes from unconsciousness in a strange bed both his legs are broken as he coming around he hears a voice saying "I'm your number one fan", this is Anne Wilkes a former nurse who pulled him out of the wreckage, over time she tells him how Misery the heroine from his books has helped her, she then asks him if she can read the manuscript for his new book, he agrees she can as she saved his life, she also informs him that she has notified his loved ones to his whereabouts.

During a mealtime she tells him how she dislikes his new book and how she disapproves of swearing, Paul responds by telling her thats how people talked where he came from, she angrily reacts to this which visibly shocks Paul, she later apologises which Paul accepts by saying everyone is allowed a temper, she later informs him that she bought a copy of his new book Misery's Child and cant wait to start reading.

Annie goes into Paul's screaming at him at how he killed Misery in the book, she leaves his room informing him that no-one is coming for him as she hasnt told anyone where he is, Next morning Annie enters his room and makes him burn his new book and informs him that he should ressurect Misery, he reluctantly agrees as he know nows he is mortal danger.

The Local town Sherrif recieves a telephone call from Pauls agent and he begins to investigate his disapperance and immerses himself in Paul Sheldon by reading his books.

Paul finds a way to escape room from his room in his wheelchair he begins investigating around the house, he finds the phone in the house is a dummy phone and finds Annies stack of painkillers which he starts stockpiling.

One day he invites Annie to join him for dinner and tries to overdose her on painkillers this fails as she accidently spills her glass of wine, during another one of Annies times away from the house Paul finds a scrapbook charting Annies life and finds she may have been involved in the murder of several infants while working at a childrens hospital he then returns to his room to sleep whilst she is still out, he wakes suddenly to Annie injecting him with a drug, he passes out, he then awakes being tied down on the bed, she informs that she is going to hobble him, she gets a sledge hammer and smashes both his ankles whilst informing him she loves him.

Once again this is where I am going to leave it, will Paul finish book ?, will he be found ?, how much more love will Annie show him?, enjoy finding out !!.

Robot Jox

I once rented this on video when I was about 14, so I found this on Netflix and fancied a little bit of nostalgia.

Set 50 years after a nuclear holocaust, war is now banned by the surviving nations now solve their disputes with Giant robotic machines controlled inside by people who are specifically trained to operate them.

Jox are signed to 10 fight contracts to which hardly anyone survives, Achilles the main Jox for the Western Market is on his 9th fight and he is supported by strategist Tex Conway and robot designer Matsumoto, during his 10th fight against Confederate challenger the Russian Alexander the fight ends in tragedy when Achilles intercepts a fist rocket that is heading for a stand full of people and falls backwards and crushes many people in there, during the fight there is also talk that information must have been leaked to the confederation.

At a press conference it is decided by the judges that the fight ended inconclusively and that a rematch must happen, Achilles announces that he will not fight it as he has had 10 fights and is retiring, it is announced after a competition that a Gen Jox (genetically engineered)  named Athena is replacing Achilles in the fight, hearing this and battling with his own personal feelings for Athena he decides to do the fight.

Not longer after this Matsumoto confronts Tex that he thinks he maybe the spy as he has reviewed footage of Tex's previous fights and that he shouldn't have won as he was outgunned, Tex responds by telling him he is correct and kills him.

The morning of the fight Athena sedates Achilles and enters his robot and intends to fight in his place, during the fight Achilles comes around and decides to help Athena as the fight is in progress and the referees refuse to stop it, he plays a video Matsumoto had made for the fight which reveals the incident where he was shot, seeing this Conway commits suicide and leaps to his death, on the field Alexander overpowers Athena and Achilles runs on to the field confront Alexander for their final showdown.

I aint gonna spoil the end of the film as it is rather surprising and may not be what you will be expecting.

A enjoyable film, but even for then the special effects are a little lame and the acting isn't outstanding, however saying that they obviously did the best with the budget they had.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Robocop Trilogy

I watched all these in one night so a joint review of each in one blog.


Set in the future of Detroit, a Detroit where crime is the norm and the Police are ineffective, Behind Detroit problems is a company called OCP who run everything including the police, OCP however have a future set for Detroit and intend to pull it down and build delta city, to help the running and prevent crime they come up with a robotic crime fighting unit call the ED209, this is backed by company vice president Dick Jones, However during the demonstration a executive is killed and company man Bob Morton seizes his opportunity to tell the President about his Robocop idea, he gets the go ahead.  

Around the same time officer Alex Murphy signs into his new precinct where he meet his new partner Ann Lewis, whilst on their first patrol a call about a bank robbery comes in, its been committed by notorious crime boss Clarence Boddicker, they chase and track them down to a disused steel mill, whilst there Ann gets knocked out by one of the gang and Murphy gets him trapped, they brutally shoot him multiple times and leave him for dead, he gets taken to a hospital where the medics attempt to save him but is pronounced dead, OCP have their subject to turn into Robocop.

Murphy Gets turned into Robocop with a supposedly wiped memory, he goes out into Detroit and makes an immediate and crime starts to get reduced, however after a chance meeting with once of Boddicker's gang his memory starts to return, he begins his pursuit of the Boddicker and his gang, also it is revealed that Jones and Boddicker are allied to together and has him kill Morton over his disrespect to Jones and resentment that his Robocop is better than his ED209.

So there you have it can Robocop save the day and gain redemption ?, of course he can because there is a sequel. An excellent film and worthy of a status of a cult classic in my book.

Robocop 2

The police are on strike, a new drug has a stranglehold on the city, a cop who is addicted to nuke the new drug has been informing to the drug lords about the nonstriking police movements, Robocop goes after Cain the leader of gang who supplies and makes nuke, they however capture him and tear off his arms and legs with road diggers and various other tools, they dump him alive but malfunctioning and near death outside his precinct, they also torture and kill they cop who informs for them and he revealed their location to Robocop.

Robocop is kept alive and is reassembled, a new Doctor at OCP takes charge of Robocop and whilst during his rebuild inputs him with new directives which make him ineffectual, this is done on purpose as she is heading up the Robocop 2 programme.

The Robocop 2 programme is suffering serious setbacks and each of the new Robocops that is unveiled things go wrong such as one of them shoots himself and another pulls his skulls of its shoulders.

Murphy is in his lab where the people who maintain him see the new directives that is making him confused, after overhearing that a electric shock could wipe the programme or kill him he decides to risk it, the risk works and he persuades the striking officers to return to work and go after Cain, the police are successful and take out Cain and his gang, in hospital the Doctor decides Cain will be a perfect candidate for Robocop 2, as he desires power and immortality.

So that sets up the rest of the movie, it's a ok film but is lacking in so many ways to first, and whoever came up with the idea to a have drug riddled crime boss to be a cop needs THEIR head inspecting becuase we all know that a drug riddled crime bosses can be easily controlled !!! and because of that it leaves a nasty taste. We also didn't really need the Mayor trying to make a deal with the remains of Cains gang either for me this was space filler to introduce Cain as Robocop 2.

Robocop 3

So the last one is a proper turd in the punch bowl, Peter Weller didn't reprise his role as Robocop because he apparently had other film commitments, this I suspect is bullshit, he read the script and thought fuck that !.

OCP is going under and needs to get Delta city off the ground or they go out of business and they lose their merger with the Kanemitsu Corporation, to help with the progress of delta city is the Rehab Team which are forcibly removing people their homes, we also get introduced to resistance who want to keep their homes, after a raid on a police depot they take arms and a unusual looking device which they no idea what is, also the young child they rescued during a forced eviction is revealed to be a computer whizz, the call comes over the radio that he are getting away with guns and good ole Robo take pursuit  he ignores this half way to rescue Lewis from a gang of thugs.

After OCP find out Robocop disregarded orders, they want a behaviour chip put into him, but one the team who helped created him refuses and fails to tell the others she hasn't done it.

During a hunt for rebels Murphy and Lewis find some people hiding in a church then the Rehab team turn up lead by their leader McDaggett, Lewis is killed trying to protect them and Murphy is wounded, Murphy escapes with the Rebels and asks them to get his Doctor as he is dying, which they do, he is rebuilt and joins the rebels against OCP.

As I have said in the past this all I want to say about this film as it is totally turgid ! We later meet ninja cyborgs and the mysterious device is revealed to jet pack for Robocop, that right, we get a flying Robocop, in know the films are sci-fi, but in this we lose all the grit and get the gimmick which makes it crap.


There shouldn't have been 3 films in my opinion the 2 sequels ruin the legacy of the original film, you could however do what I do and pretend they don't exist !!