Thursday, 22 November 2012


A not very well known but good British comedy horror film.

Vince has recently been divorced and is depressed, his friends decide to take him on a boys weekend, this is welcome for all of them as they are all having women troubles, they hire a minibus to Moodly driven by a lady named Candy, they are going there as the women allegedly outnumber the men 4 to 1, and its also handy as Mikey's grandma lives there and has gone on holiday, another friend Banksy misses the bus and decides to make his own way down.

On there way into the village the bus stops sharply as there is some dead sheep in the road, Candy and Vince move the sheep, then Mikey's phone goes off and Neil decides to take everyone's mobile phone away from them deciding there weekend will be trouble free, they arrive at the town and it is surprisingly quiet, they go to the pub whilst Mikey goes to his Grans to get the key, whilst getting the key he notices some things that worry him like a bloody hand-mark on his way back to the pub he notices in a garden a woman dressed in bridal lingerie eating a dead animal she see's him and he runs, the rest decide to head back to the minibus when they see a soldier beating a young girl they rush to the girls aid and fight with the soldier in the mayhem the girl picks up a knife and stabs Neil through the hand, Mikey comes back and knocks the girl out with a garden gnome, they pull back her hoodie to see her grotesque face, they take the soldier and back to the bus to find Candy is also infected by whatever is growing around, they then head to Mikey's grandmas chased by many women, when they get back to the house the soldier informs them that there is a virus there and it only infects women and turns them into a kind of man eating zombie cannibal.

They leave the house to try and get back on the bus but this fails and they scatter hiding in various shops around the village apart from Patrick who is wounded by an axe and gets refuge on top of a advertising billboard and Neil who runs into a house where there is a fat woman she takes him hostage and cuts off and eats some of his fingers, whilst in the toy shop Vince and another guy manage to get a radio to the others and make a plan to try and get to the army van, Mikey tries this and fails and is set on by the other women they all leave the shops to help him and regroup and the local church, Neil manages escape and joins them, in the church they spy a computer and a image appears it is the local MP and it is explained that a infected washing powder was used on purpose to infect the women, the soldier finds a ultra sonic box and explains this will stop the women in their tracks, it fails and the soldier explains about PHASE 2 of the infection that this makes the women faster and deadlier, this starts happening to some of them women.

So some exciting things to come in the finale, if you have the time watch this unusual little gem, its weird but damn its good.

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