Wednesday, 21 November 2012


This film is an actual Spielberg film that I like, unusual the critics didn't like it.

A submarine emerges on the east coast of California a woman is also swimming it see's what it thinks is California, they dive and the woman swims to safety not before a Japanese officer see's the naked woman and gets excited shouting "Hollywood", later that day a tank crew is having lunch where dishwasher Wally works, he is planning to go to the dance contest with sweetheart Betty, whilst dancing through the restaurant he catches the attention of the Corporal Sitarski who dislikes Wally for not enlisting, a fight occurs and Wally is sacked, at the same time in Death Valley Captain Wild Bill Kelso lands to refuel his Jet fighter whilst listening to the radio he see's his fighter run away leaving a petrol trail he fires his gun and its blows up the petrol station.

In the afternoon General Stilwell calls a press conference to calm the threat of an attack on California he is with his personal secretary Donna, Captain Birkhead notices her and is told she is turned on by airplanes he takes her into the plane and tries to seduce her but this fails she tries to leave but the Captain is in her way she punches him and he falls on the bomb release and out drops a bomb and just as the general says there will be no bombs exploding on american soil it explodes, same time that afternoon we go to Betty's house where she meets Wally, her and her friend Maxine tell him he cant attend the dance as he is not enlisted, then the tank crew turn up, Sitarski notices Betty and is instantly attracted, Maxine is interested in Sitarski also, The tank crew put a anti craft gun in the garden and Sgt. Tree inadvertently tells Betty's father Ward how to fire the gun, Sitarski fights with Wally again and Ward helps get rid of him as he dislikes him also.

The Japanese sub has become lost searching for Hollywood because the ships compass has broken, they launch a landing party and kidnap local business man Hollis Wood, they take him back to the submarine and ask him where Hollywood is, he gets confused and says that's his name however when searching his possessions they notice a small compass, Hollis grabs it and swallows it, he is then forced fed high fibre drinks and placed into a toilet he manages to trick them and escapes.

Right ending it here as night time is coming and that's when everything major happens, I enjoy the film, the only gripe I have is there is too many characters and they could have trimmed back, also is there is too much going on at any one point, but you do have a stellar cast and that makes up for a lot.

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