Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Walking Tall

I do like the Rock so here is one of my favourites.

Chris Vaughn returns home only to find his town has changed dramatically, the mill has shut down and all around him there seems to be drugs, gambling and sleaze the local sheriff see's Chris and recognizes his name and drives him home, his family are happy to see him however seems to get attitude from his nephew, his best friend Templeton comes to see him and he takes him to be reacquainted with some old friends, whilst there he meets Jay a school friend who took advantage of the towns situation to build the strip clubs and casinos, after a heated game of football he invites Chris and his friends to his casino and they agree to go, whilst at the casino Chris seems to be forcing himself to be having fun and his friends organize him a private dance with a stripper, after a while he see's the stripper is a childhood friend and former love interest named Deni, when she realizes its Chris she runs off embarrassed, He then notices his friends at the craps table and notices the game is rigged a fight then ensues between Chris and his friends and the casino security, they manage to subdue Chris and knock him unconscious, when he awakes they beat him more and torture him, he awakes again on a freeway and a trucker takes him to hospital.

When he gets better he goes to the Sheriff to press charges but they refuse to do so telling Chris they wont arrest anyone as the casino is important to the town, he leaves disgusted and then gets the news his nephew nearly died using crystal meth and that he got the drugs from the bouncers at the casino, he goes to the casino and takes a thick piece of wood, he destroys the casino and beats the bouncers that tortured him, however they press charges against Chris and during the trial they testify against him, Chris fires his attorney and represents himself, during the trial he tells the town folk he will clean up the town and is subsequently found not guilty, he is then voted in as new sheriff and fires all the deputies and deputizes his friend Templeton.

They immediately start cleaning up the town and arrest Jay's head of security when they find drugs on him, they arrest and strip his car in order to get him to talk he refuses, Chris spends the night at station to supervise the bouncer and sends Templeton to watch his family as he thinks there might be repercussions, during the night Deni comes and visits him they re-kindle there relationship and make love, the next morning the former sheriff and his deputies arrives and start blasting the station, and the review ends here!!.

A thoroughly enjoyable film and the Rock was brilliant although in this film I was expecting to do the Rock Bottom and peoples elbow on some of the bad guys.

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