Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Saw 3D aka The Final Chapter

They had to finish it sooner or later so lets hope it goes out on a bang !

We start with a flashback, Dr.Gordon the survivor from the 1st film is crawling along the ground the blood pumping from the leg he had to amputate to survive, he crawls to a hot steam pipe and uses it to cauterize his leg, we then go to the present day and in a shop window 2 men are attached to a table with a rotor blades in front of them, above them is suspend a girl, the puppet Billy comes out and informs them that they can choose to save themselves or they can fight and the winner gets the girl who has used them both, they have a minute to decide, they fight but when the girl contradicts herself by telling who is winning at any moment she loves them they decide she should die and she does with her intestines getting thrown all over the room.

We then go to Det.Hoffman escaping from Jill's (Jigsaw's wife) trap he chases her but she escapes and goes to Gibson an internal affairs and tells him that she has proof that Hoffman is Jigsaws apprentice and she says she will tell all for immunity, We then cut to another trap 4 skinheads are told because if their intolerance they need to prove their worth they fail the task and all die with a car shooting out of the warehouse and exploding.

Bobby Dagen  is a self help guru and has done a TV interview about being a Jigsaw survivor and informs that he is meeting other survivors of Jigsaw, he has a secret however he lied about being a survivor whilst at the meeting he talks to others about their experiences and is ironically clapped by DR.Gordon.

Hoffman knows that Jill is helping Gibson and sends him a series of clues to his location and makes an offer to stop the killings forever if he gives his Jill, We then Cut to Bobby in a warehouse and so let the games begin !!.

It finishes the series just right it ties up all the remaining loose ends, what happens to Jill, will Hoffman get caught and the rounding off a twist that the saw geeks like me knew was coming !!.

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