Monday, 29 October 2012


Heard a lot of good things about this and was not disappointed.

A family move to a new house and immediately notice strange things happening, one night one of the children Dalton hears something in the attic and goes to investigate he falls on some steps and bangs his head, his parents hear his scream and rush to him, he appears fine and they put him to bed as normal, in the morning he gets called for breakfast but doesn't respond, he gets rushed to hospital and the parents are told he is in a unexplained coma.

A little while later Dalton gets moved back home whilst still in his coma, his mother Renai starts believing the house is haunted, she confronts Husband Josh about this and he agrees to move home again to please his wife, however in the new home the paranormal events carry on occurring and getting more realistic and violent, Josh's Mother learns of this and contacts a friend who specialises in paranormal phenomenon, as she investigates she see's a dark evil presence in Dalton's Room.

It is then explained to the parent's that Dalton can astral project and that he inherited this ability off his father and why he scared of his picture being taken, because as a child, a spirit attached herself to him and tried to use his astral projection to enter the human world and that is why spirits are surrounding Dalton's body as they too are trying to use him to gain entry to the human world but the main worry is dark evil presence that was spotted in his bedroom, is keeping Dalton's spirit hostage and that's why he can't wake from his coma.

So cue the ending where Josh has to astral project and rescue his son.

A wonderful film, a true mind screwer and works that angle so beautifully, it is so well acted and the twists in the film do not disappoint, so if you discover this film enjoy it, it proves that sometimes a horror film doesn't need gore to be successful, and the ending is not what you expect at all.

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