Wednesday, 3 October 2012


One of the more loyal book adaptions for screen for Stephen King.

Paul Sheldon is finishing his latest book at his regular cabin, on his way back to civilization his car gets caught is a snowstorm and crashes, he is pulled from wreckage, He eventually wakes from unconsciousness in a strange bed both his legs are broken as he coming around he hears a voice saying "I'm your number one fan", this is Anne Wilkes a former nurse who pulled him out of the wreckage, over time she tells him how Misery the heroine from his books has helped her, she then asks him if she can read the manuscript for his new book, he agrees she can as she saved his life, she also informs him that she has notified his loved ones to his whereabouts.

During a mealtime she tells him how she dislikes his new book and how she disapproves of swearing, Paul responds by telling her thats how people talked where he came from, she angrily reacts to this which visibly shocks Paul, she later apologises which Paul accepts by saying everyone is allowed a temper, she later informs him that she bought a copy of his new book Misery's Child and cant wait to start reading.

Annie goes into Paul's screaming at him at how he killed Misery in the book, she leaves his room informing him that no-one is coming for him as she hasnt told anyone where he is, Next morning Annie enters his room and makes him burn his new book and informs him that he should ressurect Misery, he reluctantly agrees as he know nows he is mortal danger.

The Local town Sherrif recieves a telephone call from Pauls agent and he begins to investigate his disapperance and immerses himself in Paul Sheldon by reading his books.

Paul finds a way to escape room from his room in his wheelchair he begins investigating around the house, he finds the phone in the house is a dummy phone and finds Annies stack of painkillers which he starts stockpiling.

One day he invites Annie to join him for dinner and tries to overdose her on painkillers this fails as she accidently spills her glass of wine, during another one of Annies times away from the house Paul finds a scrapbook charting Annies life and finds she may have been involved in the murder of several infants while working at a childrens hospital he then returns to his room to sleep whilst she is still out, he wakes suddenly to Annie injecting him with a drug, he passes out, he then awakes being tied down on the bed, she informs that she is going to hobble him, she gets a sledge hammer and smashes both his ankles whilst informing him she loves him.

Once again this is where I am going to leave it, will Paul finish book ?, will he be found ?, how much more love will Annie show him?, enjoy finding out !!.

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