Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Any film with a title like this deserves a watch.

What if Abraham Lincoln hadn't seen his mother killed a vampire, what if that the American civil war was actually about vampirism more than it was about slavery ? this is what this film tells us.

A young Abraham Lincoln is watching his father at work, he see's his friend being beaten by the owner of the company his father works and intervenes, then the owner turns his attention to the young Abe and his father interferes and is told because of his interference is fired and is told he must pay back all monies owed to him, he responds by saying he will pay back nothing, later that evening Jack Barts (the owner) sneaks into the Lincolns home and silently attacks his mother she dies in the attack.

Lincoln enter adulthood with one thing on his mind, vengeance, he gets drunk and sets out to kill Barts, however Barts easily overpowers despite being clearly shot in the eye, Lincoln is then rescued by a stranger, he comes round in a strange bed and finds Henry Sturges who explains to him about the existence of Vampires, he offers to train Lincoln into a Vampire Hunter which he accepts, during his training he tells Lincoln of the main Vampires in America one that the most of the vampires are descended from, Adam and his sister Vadoma, after his training he goes back to kill Barts and is successful.

Lincoln then moves to Springfield where he forms friendships and a romantic attachment with Mary Todd, during a visit to Springfield it is revealed that Henry is a Vampire but hates other vampires as they killed his wife and child but as he is a vampire cant kill other vampires and that only the living can kill the dead.

As the film progresses Abraham puts down his Axe and realizes that the best form of action is political and that the only reason slavery exists is because its gives Vampires direct access to easy blood and hence the civil war starts.

To be honest I could go on forever reviewing this film as there is a lot to talk about, this is not a bad a thing as the film follows pretty well, but this film is "out there" but the idea that is linked into the civil war is brilliant.

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