Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Robocop Trilogy

I watched all these in one night so a joint review of each in one blog.


Set in the future of Detroit, a Detroit where crime is the norm and the Police are ineffective, Behind Detroit problems is a company called OCP who run everything including the police, OCP however have a future set for Detroit and intend to pull it down and build delta city, to help the running and prevent crime they come up with a robotic crime fighting unit call the ED209, this is backed by company vice president Dick Jones, However during the demonstration a executive is killed and company man Bob Morton seizes his opportunity to tell the President about his Robocop idea, he gets the go ahead.  

Around the same time officer Alex Murphy signs into his new precinct where he meet his new partner Ann Lewis, whilst on their first patrol a call about a bank robbery comes in, its been committed by notorious crime boss Clarence Boddicker, they chase and track them down to a disused steel mill, whilst there Ann gets knocked out by one of the gang and Murphy gets him trapped, they brutally shoot him multiple times and leave him for dead, he gets taken to a hospital where the medics attempt to save him but is pronounced dead, OCP have their subject to turn into Robocop.

Murphy Gets turned into Robocop with a supposedly wiped memory, he goes out into Detroit and makes an immediate and crime starts to get reduced, however after a chance meeting with once of Boddicker's gang his memory starts to return, he begins his pursuit of the Boddicker and his gang, also it is revealed that Jones and Boddicker are allied to together and has him kill Morton over his disrespect to Jones and resentment that his Robocop is better than his ED209.

So there you have it can Robocop save the day and gain redemption ?, of course he can because there is a sequel. An excellent film and worthy of a status of a cult classic in my book.

Robocop 2

The police are on strike, a new drug has a stranglehold on the city, a cop who is addicted to nuke the new drug has been informing to the drug lords about the nonstriking police movements, Robocop goes after Cain the leader of gang who supplies and makes nuke, they however capture him and tear off his arms and legs with road diggers and various other tools, they dump him alive but malfunctioning and near death outside his precinct, they also torture and kill they cop who informs for them and he revealed their location to Robocop.

Robocop is kept alive and is reassembled, a new Doctor at OCP takes charge of Robocop and whilst during his rebuild inputs him with new directives which make him ineffectual, this is done on purpose as she is heading up the Robocop 2 programme.

The Robocop 2 programme is suffering serious setbacks and each of the new Robocops that is unveiled things go wrong such as one of them shoots himself and another pulls his skulls of its shoulders.

Murphy is in his lab where the people who maintain him see the new directives that is making him confused, after overhearing that a electric shock could wipe the programme or kill him he decides to risk it, the risk works and he persuades the striking officers to return to work and go after Cain, the police are successful and take out Cain and his gang, in hospital the Doctor decides Cain will be a perfect candidate for Robocop 2, as he desires power and immortality.

So that sets up the rest of the movie, it's a ok film but is lacking in so many ways to first, and whoever came up with the idea to a have drug riddled crime boss to be a cop needs THEIR head inspecting becuase we all know that a drug riddled crime bosses can be easily controlled !!! and because of that it leaves a nasty taste. We also didn't really need the Mayor trying to make a deal with the remains of Cains gang either for me this was space filler to introduce Cain as Robocop 2.

Robocop 3

So the last one is a proper turd in the punch bowl, Peter Weller didn't reprise his role as Robocop because he apparently had other film commitments, this I suspect is bullshit, he read the script and thought fuck that !.

OCP is going under and needs to get Delta city off the ground or they go out of business and they lose their merger with the Kanemitsu Corporation, to help with the progress of delta city is the Rehab Team which are forcibly removing people their homes, we also get introduced to resistance who want to keep their homes, after a raid on a police depot they take arms and a unusual looking device which they no idea what is, also the young child they rescued during a forced eviction is revealed to be a computer whizz, the call comes over the radio that he are getting away with guns and good ole Robo take pursuit  he ignores this half way to rescue Lewis from a gang of thugs.

After OCP find out Robocop disregarded orders, they want a behaviour chip put into him, but one the team who helped created him refuses and fails to tell the others she hasn't done it.

During a hunt for rebels Murphy and Lewis find some people hiding in a church then the Rehab team turn up lead by their leader McDaggett, Lewis is killed trying to protect them and Murphy is wounded, Murphy escapes with the Rebels and asks them to get his Doctor as he is dying, which they do, he is rebuilt and joins the rebels against OCP.

As I have said in the past this all I want to say about this film as it is totally turgid ! We later meet ninja cyborgs and the mysterious device is revealed to jet pack for Robocop, that right, we get a flying Robocop, in know the films are sci-fi, but in this we lose all the grit and get the gimmick which makes it crap.


There shouldn't have been 3 films in my opinion the 2 sequels ruin the legacy of the original film, you could however do what I do and pretend they don't exist !!

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