Thursday, 25 October 2012


A Tom Hardy film about MMA, go on then.

The film is essentially about 2 brothers and an alcoholic father, who's alcoholism and the death of his wife tore apart the family.

One is a Iraq war veteran the other is a teacher, when the war veteran (Tom Hardy) returns home he causes a sensation when he goes into a gym and whilst sparring with the No.1 contender he dominates and destroy's  him, this goes onto YouTube and goes viral appearing on MMA shows, the other brother is struggling to make ends meet and starts training again in order to appear on local house shows to make some money.

Its also revealed that the brothers love of MMA comes from a father who was a trainer, The elder brother (the teacher) Brendan, finds out that he needs more money as his daughter needs open heart surgery and is struggling to make his mortgage payments and decides to go full pro again, we also get a rockyesque Adrienne type whinge from his wife about him promising not too fight again, so cue a montage of him get better and winning a few fights.

It is announced that a Middleweight tournament is coming and that the best fighters from around the world are fighting in it, Tommy (Tom Hardy) gets contacted and he agrees to participate getting his fathers help as a trainer on the provision he is a trainer and not a father, Brendan also gets in by default as the best fighter in his gym is taken injured, we also get introduced to the unstoppable Russian fighter Koba played by Kurt Angle.

So now you know the basics you can pretty much guess whats coming up, brotherly healing, father realizing he was a prick etc...... and cue a cheesey ending, it's an OK film but there was so much more than could have been done with it and I think that they could have got a proper MMA fighter to play Koba, not an Ex amateur wrestler and current pro one,as they did have some proper MMA fighters during some of fight scenes.

By the way the other half does recommend this as Tom Hardy has beefed up and spends must of his time with next to nothing on.

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