Thursday, 11 October 2012

Troll Hunter

A film made in "real time" I am very skeptical about these, as they are very hit and miss.

The film is about a bunch of college students trying to make a film about a suspected bear poacher named Hans, their pursuit is long and dogged as they approach him he tells them repeatably to go away, one night they follow him into the woods where they hear strange noises then Hans runs out of the woods and yells "TROLL", one of the students Thomas is attacked by a large animal,which is revealed to be a Troll, they all then escape in Hans's land rover.

Whilst with Hans although skeptical about the existence of Trolls he agree's to let them document him, he checks if any of the kids are religious which they say they aren't  and makes them put on troll stench also, they go back with with Hans into the woods where they once again hear noises and to their surprise encounter a Troll, Hans destroys the beast with a powerful UV ray, a representative turns up from the Troll Security Agency where it is explained that most strange weather phenomenons reported on TV such as hurricanes ripping down trees is more often then not Trolls and mysterious animal deaths are blamed on bears, it is also reported that the Trolls are behaving strangely.

So for the rest of the film we follow Hans and encounter other people such veterinarians and the government who are also in on the secret.

The film is shot in Norwegian but does have English subtitles, it was a regional film that achieved Major success worldwide and quite rightly so, it is very tongue in cheek enjoyable and shot and acted superbly not quite Blair Witch or Paranormal Activity standard but still good, so enjoy.

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