Sunday, 28 October 2012

Beneath the Planet of the Apes

I got the saga on a DVD box-set so the sequel was always going to be watched.

So it carries on exactly from a first one with Nova and Taylor on a horse, Taylor goes exploring and just literally vanishes out of thin air, leaving Nova wandering upon the horse on her own, In other place another spaceship has crashed this one was sent to find Taylor and his crew and like Taylor when he gets there he believes he has landed on another planet, Brent bumps into Nova and notices Taylor's dog tags being worn by Nova and tries to asks her questions but with Nova being mute she cant respond. Hoping his friend is still alive he rides with Nova and encounters the Ape city, he observes the Apes aggressive nature and attempts to flee with Nova but is Injured by a soldier but  they find Zira and Cornelius where they talk about Taylor, They hide however when Dr. Zaius arrives and tells them about the upcoming invasion of the forbidden zone.

Brent and Nova eventually escape the city after getting captured, they hide in cave which Brent discovers is actually they entrance of a New York subway and realizes he is on earth, whilst exploring the cave his mind hears voices telling him to kill Nova he fails in this and encounters a group of telepathic humans who worship a nuclear bomb which they call a divine bomb, they interrogate him and learn the apes are marching on an the forbidden zone and plan to detonate it if they need to.

Brent is separated from Nova and is placed in a cell with Taylor, where they try to escape, and this sets up the ending.

I didn't really enjoy this film, I found it long and drawn out and also found the plot ridiculously complicated, I feel it could have been a lot easier and simplier and also feel Charlton Heston did this film probably because he was contracted to and didn't want to hence the lack of screen time.

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