Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Running Man

A Prime Schwarzenegger film one I have watched numerous times but not for a number of years, This is another film set in a big brother type future.

Ben Richards is imprisoned, framed for a crime by the state for the Bakersfield massacre a crime he didnt commit, whilst in prison he makes freinds with Weiss and Lochlan two members of the underground, the underground accounts for the majority of prisoners, the underground want to tell people the truth, they along with the other inmates bust out of prison and Richards leaves his friends to go into the city where he hopes his brother can ger him out of the country.

Whilst at the TV station they are looking for a new contestant  for the stations number one show the running man, a show where criminals are hunted for the viewing public by people know as stalkers, the host and a major player in the government Nathan Killian see's the break out of the prison and decides he wants Richards for the show.

He goes to his brother apartment and finds out he no longer lives there, and now a woman called Amber does, she informs him that he was taken by the state for re-education, he takes her hostage informing her that he was set up, she of course doesnt believe him, he then goes to the airport with Amber telling her as soon as he is safe he will let her go, whilst at the airport she manages to escape him and the authorities recapture him.

He wakes up in a cell to Killians face to be informed that he will the running man whether he likes it or not, around the same time it breaks to Amber in her apartment where she see's on the news that they captured Richards but he killed several people at the airport, she knows this not to be true.

Richards is being prepped for the show and long the way see's amber and a friend talking about what happened, she goes one way and Richards goes to the show, during the introduction Killain announces they have caught Weiss and Lochlan and they will be running with him, they are taken to the first game zone and one of the crowd chooses a stalker named Sub-Zero to take them on, during the battle Richards manage to overpower and kill Sub-Zero, this shocks the crowd.

Amber whilst at the station goes looking for footage of the Bakersfield Massacre and finds Richards was righ,t she then gets cornered by security and is also sent into the game-zone as they obviously dont want the truth revealed.

Ok sorry this big review but for a action film there is alot that needs explaining in the build up, and obviously I dont need to say much more because obviously you see what coming.

A very enjoyable film but dont expect any loyality to the stephen king book, only likenesses are it is set in the future and there is a show called the running man and that the state control things, seperate that make them two seperate entities and you are fine.

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