Monday, 29 October 2012

Hellraiser - Hellworld

Part 8 of the franchise, I must be mental.

Yes I am mental, the story line is quite clearly adapted to fit Hellraiser  It is obvious to me that this film was meant to be something else and they fitted in the cenobites around the story line.

It starts with a group of friends at a funeral, a friend has died because of obsession with Hellraiser and cenobites they all blame themselves for not preventing his death, 2 years later they go onto a website to try a win a challenge to go to a Hellraiser party, which unsurprisingly they all win entry too.

When they get to the party they are greeted by the host (Lance Henriksen), he shows them around the building which was designed by Larmarchand (puzzle box designer) and tells them about the terrifying history of the building as that it was a mental asylum run by a Nun of all people.

Anyways the party gets into full effect and the group of friends start to get slowly picked off by either the host or various cenobites.

The only redeeming quality about this film is the ending as it offers a unusual ending but that also relegates the involvement of the cenobites during the film and that is annoying because isn't part of the film title called Hellraiser !, and the cenobite presence in the film must only a couple of minutes at the most, also I cant believe Lance Henriksen saw the script for this and thought "yeah this looks good !", c'mon fella you where bishop in Aliens.

You have to wonder what Clive Barker thinks of what they have done to his beautiful creation, no wonder he has distanced himself from these I would have too.

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