Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Summer School

A very under-looked 80's teen type film.

The film revolves around slacker gym teacher Freddy Schoop and his gang of miscreant summer school kids, he has to teach summer school in order to retain his job.

The film does fall into nearly every 80's feel good stereotype feel good teen movie, you have the 2 slacker waster friends, the hot student (who the boys all lust after), the air-head with the unrequited crush, the one with a chip on her shoulder who softens and the nerd, but they do the roles very well.

So Mr.Schoop has to get them to pass remedial English or he loses his job, he agree's to grant them one wish in order to get their attention and then cue a lot of inspirational music and montages and funny moments as they have their wishes fulfilled and start to educate themsleves.

It may seem like I am having a downer on the film but I am really not, It is very amusing and the roles are very well played, I am also guessing you don't need me to tell you it also has a happy ending.

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