Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Jackass 2

Ummm not sure how to review this as its not a film persay.

So its the usual crew from the first film and the tv show doing on film what they cant do on television, So cue Messers Knoxville, Margera and his long suffering parents, the late Ryan Dunn, Wee man, Steve-O, Pontious and the rest, generally doing gross out stunts.

The film opens with the stunt of them being chased by wild bulls, other stunts include Steve-O pushing a fish hook through his cheek, the firehouse rodeo this is basically a man sitting on a firehose whilst it throws him about, and just generally hurting each on skateboards shopping carts bmx bikes and various other implements.

As I say cant really review this but if you like to see mentallists hurt themselves in gross ways then enjoy !.

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