Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Robot Jox

I once rented this on video when I was about 14, so I found this on Netflix and fancied a little bit of nostalgia.

Set 50 years after a nuclear holocaust, war is now banned by the surviving nations now solve their disputes with Giant robotic machines controlled inside by people who are specifically trained to operate them.

Jox are signed to 10 fight contracts to which hardly anyone survives, Achilles the main Jox for the Western Market is on his 9th fight and he is supported by strategist Tex Conway and robot designer Matsumoto, during his 10th fight against Confederate challenger the Russian Alexander the fight ends in tragedy when Achilles intercepts a fist rocket that is heading for a stand full of people and falls backwards and crushes many people in there, during the fight there is also talk that information must have been leaked to the confederation.

At a press conference it is decided by the judges that the fight ended inconclusively and that a rematch must happen, Achilles announces that he will not fight it as he has had 10 fights and is retiring, it is announced after a competition that a Gen Jox (genetically engineered)  named Athena is replacing Achilles in the fight, hearing this and battling with his own personal feelings for Athena he decides to do the fight.

Not longer after this Matsumoto confronts Tex that he thinks he maybe the spy as he has reviewed footage of Tex's previous fights and that he shouldn't have won as he was outgunned, Tex responds by telling him he is correct and kills him.

The morning of the fight Athena sedates Achilles and enters his robot and intends to fight in his place, during the fight Achilles comes around and decides to help Athena as the fight is in progress and the referees refuse to stop it, he plays a video Matsumoto had made for the fight which reveals the incident where he was shot, seeing this Conway commits suicide and leaps to his death, on the field Alexander overpowers Athena and Achilles runs on to the field confront Alexander for their final showdown.

I aint gonna spoil the end of the film as it is rather surprising and may not be what you will be expecting.

A enjoyable film, but even for then the special effects are a little lame and the acting isn't outstanding, however saying that they obviously did the best with the budget they had.

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