Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Jurassic Park Trilogy

Watched over the course of a Saturday Evening on a whim.

Jurassic Park

So we have the original and the best of the bunch, John Hammond a man with my opinion with to much money and time on his hands pays some scientists to create some dinosaurs from the blood taken from a prehistoric mayfly that sucked the blood of a dinosaur, he invites some of the best paleontologists in the world to get their opinion of his creations and Dr.Malcolm who is a chaos theorist (I don't know either), and of course you have the obligatory cute children in the film (This is a Speilberg film after all), Hammond sends them all on a tour of a park and that's when the fun starts thanks to disgruntled employee Dennis who wants more money, he hacks the system so he can get out some dino dna out to a rival company, the system locks out and the dinosaurs get free.

It is cliched this film but I ignore that because of the awesome special effects, all the parts are attacked well, especially Jeff Goldblum's role as Dr.Malcolm, but then doesn't he do geek well in films !!

The Lost Word: Jurassic Park

John Hammond has lost control of his company he asks Dr.Malcolm to meet him and tells him of site B, a Island full of dinosaurs who have appeared to flourished without the human intervention, his nephew who took over the company wants to try and reestablish Jurassic park, Hammond doesn't so sends Malcolm and a team to stop them.

This is basically the same film on a island with 2 sets of people with different ideas on dinosaurs, the ones who want them as a sideshow attraction and the ones who want to leave the 30 foot killing machines alone, guess what side I am on !!

In my opinion its a film that got made because people wanted a sequel and if like me you like dinosaurs munching on folk then enjoy, if its a new story-line you want then be prepared to be disappointed, on plus side the ending is pretty cool.

Jurassic Park III

A divorced couples son goes missing after a paragliding accident and tempt Dr.Grant ( a paleontologist from the first film) by lying to him with the promise of a huge cheque that they want to see the site B island, the island where their son has gone missing, he is reluctant at first but agree's, when they touchdown on the island their true intentions are revealed, then once again we have people running from dinosaurs whilst trying to find a small child.

This film seems forced and rushed, it seems that making money for the franchise is much more important than a story because the base story for all 3 films is the same, human see dinosaurs think they are great, human then see a dinosaur chasing them and then run, the positive for me in this film is the more concentration placed on the raptor dinosaurs and if like me in the 2nd film you like the dinosaur munchy side then you are fine but once again a repetitive story-line.


Not the worst trilogy in the world but certainly not the best, in my little humble opinion if they had just left it at one film it would have gone down as a cult classic and because of the sequels it wont, and lets bare in mind Spielberg did that with another classic and killed it with sequels can you guess the name of that one ?

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