Sunday, 30 September 2012


A stone cold classic !.

The film opens in a girls dressing room, with loads of girlies bouncing around and generally having fun, the camera then pans to Carrie showering and cleaning herself then something happens first time, she has her period and the other girls mock her for not knowing; the reason why Carrie doesn't know is that she has had a very sheltered up bringing by overly religious mother, when Carrie confronts her mother about the period she calls Carrie dirty and that she must have sinned for it to happen as a period is a punishment from god, she then put her in a closet to pray for redemption.

Next day at school she is in class and hears a poem from a fellow pupil, when the teacher asks for opinions she says it was beautiful and the teacher mocks her and this also irate's the boy who wrote it, One the girls who tormented Carrie feels guilty for doing so and asks Tommy (her boyfriend, the poem writer) to take her to the school prom, also the teacher who found the girls tormenting Carrie bans them from the prom, which irks of the girls who is called Chris.

At the same time Carrie begins to notice she my have telekinetic powers and looks into this, whilst at the library Tommy asks Carrie to the prom, which she declines, but after Tommy's pursuit and Carrie talking about it to the teacher she accepts.

She informs her Mother that she is going to the prom, which her mother angrily tells her she can't and then Carrie reveals her powers and uses them to dominate her mother.

Chris however wants revenge and uses her bad guy boyfriend to kill a pig to get its blood which they put into a bucket and over the stage, she also uses her influence to make sure Carrie and Tommy win prom King and Queen, which they do.

Then cue all hell breaking loose !!

A Brilliant and an excellent performance from Sissy Spacek with an excellent supporting cast, its going to be hard to see how the remake will improve on this, the only reason I can see this will be if it remains totally faithful to the book.

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