Sunday, 22 July 2012

Real Steel

Robot Boxing with Wolverine sounds good to me !

So Hugh Jackman plays a boxer who has had to retire because boxing is now banned so takes part in Robotic boxing and along the line somewhere lost his way in life.

We find later that he was once married and has a child, he decides to strike a deal with the "new parents" to have him after they have been on holiday for which they give $50'000, and his son doesn't want to be the with him, he buys a robot with the new gotten gains and enters him in match which he promptly loses and has his new robot destroyed. He takes his son to a robotic scrapyard to find parts where the find a obsolete robot and his promptly takes to him and wants it the Hugh Jackman character so no but he persists and takes it himself, They find the robot is an old sparring model and not worth much, However they enter it in a fight which it surprisingly wins.

So we then a some futuristic Robot Rocky training montages, more winning of matches, and some so obvious father and son bonding moment, and we eventually end up in a robot world championship fight.

So what do we have here ?? Imagine a cross between Over the Top (the father and son bonding after years apart), Rocky (the underdog coming from no-where to fight the champ) and Robot Jox (a obscure 80's Human controlling Robot's movie).

If you can ignore certain aspects of this film you will enjoy it, my main gripe is the utter predictably of the storyline.

It's an ok movie if you have a bit of time to kill but not a classic by any means.

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