Monday, 9 July 2012

X-Men First Class

A pretty good film and thoroughly enjoyable I don't know how accurate it was compared to the Marvel Comic but I found it informative.

The film follows Charles Xavier (Professor X) and his life and meeting with the first few mutants and most importantly Magneto and Mystique ( they could have explained in the later x-men film that mystique doesnt age fast), He encounters Mystique when they are both children and Magneto in his pursuit of revenge.

Through the film they recruited by the government to help (and be exploited) to develop their own powers for themselves and for others, Magneto seeks revenge against the Nazi/Mutant who killed his mother even though their agenda's turn out to be same, that mutants are the future and humanity is wrong, Charles tries to change his opinion and whilst even forging a friendship seems to be unable to do this.

My only main problem with this film is backgrounds could have been deeper explored on the other mutants in the film, for example one the characters is Scott Summer's brother (Cyclops) but that is never explained and would also add to the element that mutations are genetic. 

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