Thursday, 12 July 2012

Cowboys & Zombies

That's right you read it such a film does exist.

The film starts with a cowboy bounty hunter getting his bounty and turning him in for the reward, with his money he goes and gets himself a prostitute with the sole purpose of using her as bait to capture a Indian accused of raping a white woman, the ruse works and Indian appears, he captures the Indian and tells the prostitute he has paid for her freedom, oh and we get a German bounty hunter trying to nick the bounty but gets shot.

Meanwhile in town they find a meteorite which they decide has treasure in it and decide to split it open (big mistake! ),  the rock releases some kind of air borne zombie turning virus and turns them into zombie's, they burst into tent where the prostitutes are, where we get a 3 minute gratuitous scene of a zombie chasing her with her boobs bouncing in the breeze !.

Anyways we go back to our heroes with the Indian handcuffed when you get it, a zombie turns up, he chases the heroine where the cowboys hears it and rushes to the rescue his gun jams and he still tries to rescue her the Indian gets the gun working and shots the zombie, by this time the cowboy decides the Indian is ok, we later find out the rape is all made up.

They go back to town where they find more zombies and try to battle there way out.

A quite nice twist on the end is also nicely unexpected.

The film itself is entertaining, the town however looks like it should be in a wild west show, and there is far to much boobs for no reason to be honest though I am not going to complain about that, zombie effects also good.

For a film thrown together for $30'000 watch it If you have 90 minutes to kill.

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