Monday, 9 July 2012

The Dictator

I was expecting a typical Sasha Baron Cohen and to be honest that's what I got, However a definite improvement on Bruno, with plenty of giggles to boot.

He plays a ruthless despot dictator who has anyone killed that displeases him so typically has his enemies, The main enemy is his uncle and whilst on a trip to america they plan to make their major move to displace him, however this happens accidentally during a attempt at torture where he loses his trademark beard and then low and behold no-one can recognise him (seriously !), then we get him meeting lefty female radical Anna Faris (well she is the queen of parody comedy films) and his attempt to adjust to his new world whilst to get his place back as rightful leader.

A usual performance from Cohen and Farris as they only seem to be able to do that kinda film, Ben Kingsley plays a good supporting role as The Dictators Uncle.

Overall though a good film and a good way to kill a bit of time.

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