Saturday, 14 July 2012

Batteries not included

An 80's film I caught whilst channel hoping.

The film opens to a building which evil developers are trying to have knocked down, the last few remaining tenants want to stay so the company resorts to bully boy tactic's and intimidation to try and get them out with a guy going around smashing up the place, we have old guy and his wife (who has dementia) starting caving under the pressure, they go to bed one night when Alien Robot's arrive looking for a power source which they find, they all wake in the morning to find all things that where smashed up are now repaired (I guess they fixed up the place in exchange for the electric), the senile old dear found them during the night and is now feeding them various bits of household appliances, they find the robot's and become apart of the small community which comprises of a struggling painter a pregnant woman, a retired ex boxer who can only communicate by reciting TV commercials.

As the film progress the Alien Robot's have babies (that's right robot babies) one of which the retired ex boxer brings back to life by fixing it, also the company steps up it campaign to get them out, will they do it; I will let you guess the very predictable ending !

Overall a entertaining film but for god sakes don't even attempt to try and take it seriously !

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  1. I thought it was a lovely film, I've never been so concerned about a "dead" baby robot before!