Thursday, 12 July 2012


A childhood favourite for me interested to see how well it would translate to the big screen.

The films starts with us getting told that we don't know how the Transformers where created, pretty convienant huh !.

We then get a battle in the desert with Transformers and marines which introduce us to Tyrese Gibson who later pops up in the end battle scene, then we cut with a teenager trying hock his great grandfathers possessions from his artic adventure (this is significant) to try and save to get a car, we later see his father surprise him for a getting a b grade in his exam and get him a car but wait the car is unlike no other car as we later find out, eventually after the kids car starts going places on its own he gets freaked out and follows it where we find lots more transformers and they let him into the secret of the glasses, and he also finds about out the decepticons (the bad transformers know where he is and want them also this explained earlier with them hacking a computer), the good transformers (auto-bots) explain why they need the glasses and he agrees to hand them over. We also have the added the added element of Megan Fox to the teenager's love life.

Eventually we get to all mighty end battle which is pretty spectacular, which is what Director Michael Bay does best (special effects).

Overall the film is entertaining obviously we get the boring laying down of characters lives as we do in film series but as a film its very entertaining, would I recommended it ? Well yes it has explosions, action, transforming robots and Megan Fox, what more could you need for a boys night in.

Could have done without a pompous Optimus Prime though ! 

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