Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Solitary Man

I had not seen a Michael Douglas film since Disclosure so thought I would it go.

He plays a man who runs a car dealership and leaves his wife to expand his empire but soon finds his life crumbling around him due his dodgy dealing's and his indiscretion's ( I'm wondering how much actual acting Douglas had to do for this role), After one sordid encounter with his new wife's 18 year old daughter (that's right there was a love scene with this wrinkly and this young lady), she tells her mum and she kicks him out, he then finds his life crumbling around him his Daughter disowns him after another indiscretion with her friend. He ends up begging friends for handout's and then only job he can find is flipping burger's, the films ends with a lifeline from his former wife which he realises he loved all along but has to deicide will he carry on going down this road or take the help.

I can't really talk about Douglas's part in this because talk about art imitating life, Susan Sarandon's role as the ex-wife and Danny DeVito's as the best friend where peripheral at best as was Jesse Eisenberg's as the College Student' showing Douglas around campus, the stand out performance was Jenna Fischer as the long suffering daughter.

An ok film at best, but i wouldn't recommend it.

Oh and I didn't realise there where that many hard-up women in New York  !

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