Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Muppet Movie

Well its a Muppet film, but it is entertaining plenty of jokes and silliness to keep the kids happy and plenty of undercover jokes for the adults to enjoy and a few jazzy singing and dancing scene's.

Spoiler Alert

The film is about 2 brother's and one's love of the Muppet's (the younger brother is a Muppet, If I where the husband I would be questioning the parentage), they go on dream holiday to see the Muppet's studio, accompanied by the eldest brothers other half who are initially going to celebrate 10 years of dating, she is getting annoyed at how the brothers seem to be unable to do anything apart, anyway they get to the studio to find its going to be demolished by an evil oil baron and that Kermit signed over the rights and to get them back has a week to put on a show and raise $10'000'000(maniacal laugh!!), disturbed by this news the brothers and girlfriend finds Kermit and persuades him to find the old gang, and well that's it, oh and the girlfriend buggers through lack of attention, will they do it wont they do it will he win back the girl, watch it you maybe surprised at the ending.

Good performances by Jason Segal and Amy Adams also Jack Black plays an excellent kidnapped special guest.

Oh and it won a Oscar for best original song, guess which one.

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