Sunday, 15 July 2012

Paranormal Activity 3

A film we have been wanting to watch for a while so we watched it.

So its a prequel to a prequel which seems strange on its own, so hopefully we are going to get the origins of the demon, it starts out with the sisters from 1st 2 films as youngsters and we start in the same vain, coincidently Mums new boyfriend also likes playing video camera's.

So a whole lot of freaky things start happening which to be honest is nothing new, It seems in this film the demon seems to take interest in the youngest sister as she seems to be able to communicate to it.

The ending is quite dramatic, and take my advice to watch the 1st 2 films before you watch this as I didn't and had to piece together why it made sense, but it does make sense and fills the missing gaps.

Sorry that this is a short review but any of story I tell you would spoil the film, its all integral.

On the whole it still has its jumpy moments and after the initial viewing I thought Meh but as I say piecing it together afterwards It was good, just wished I had watched the 1st 2 now !

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