Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Green Hornet

Ok I watched this with a open mind as I was in 2 doubts about it.

It's about a spoilt rich kid who one day inherits his fathers newspaper empire but wants nothing to do with it, one night doing a drunk bender with new friend Kato they beat up a gang who where intimidating a bunch of people, the press get wind of this and Seth Rogan uses his newspaper to basically advertise himself as the Green Hornet, his new friend Kato invents a load of new crime fighting gadgets and adapts the cars with new weapons and defences, during which there is a romance angle with the new secretary of the newspaper where both guys want her romantically and so obviously conflict happens, also during the film we get crime boss Christoph Waltz getting jealous of all the attention the green hornet as wants him dead, anyways we find out that his fathers death was no accident and was killed for exposing crime by the Senator and well that's basically it.

Not a bad film but not a good one either, really could have done without the romance angle and lose a lot of the slapstick, it was a good way to kill a bit of time is the best I can rate it.

The only highlight of the film is Christoph Waltz as the bad guy.

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