Wednesday, 11 July 2012


One the movies I watch at night when there isn't much on.

This one I found is a cross between Trainspotting and Groundhog Day, yep it does exist and this is it.

So the film is about 3 recovering crack addicts going through de-tox, after a horrid day for all 3 of them they find they are re-living they day after the initial shock they realise they can do what they want so initially go on a orgy of drugs and violence, eventually they realise that the affects of their actions have affects on other people's so try and change their ways, 1 of the 3 however descends deeper into anarchy and his actions get darker and more violent to the point where the other 2 former friends try and stop him, so turns his attentions to tormenting them whilst the others are still trying to make amends.

The film tries to be dark and shocking and whilst a little entertaining comes over as utterly predictable and you could probably guess at 3 potential outcomes and you would be right with one of them, but for a low budget film is well shot.

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