Monday, 17 September 2012

Best of the Best

Another Netflix, an 80's martial arts was I fool to myself ?.

Yes it appears I was, So the American Karate federation or whatever it is want to get a team together to fight South Korea who are apparently the best in the world so they have a tournament to find the best fighters, so enter our unconventional heroes, damn I know this film is 1980's and hasn't aged very well but does it really have to fall into every stereotype of a 1980's sport film, the individual characters all against each other then bonding, a training montage and epic hair especially from Eric Roberts.

Only saving grace for me is the final fight between Tommy Lee and Dae Han, the actors themselves are obviously talented in Martial Arts and that's where there talents must remain, but you cant really blame them for trying as it seemed for a while every martial artist in the 80's tried their hand at acting.

So a small review this time and why is that you may ask, well it's like this the plot line is so shallow that it takes no thinking about, this is sometimes OK but when it's executed like a bag of shite and with shite acting you tend to think why am I wasting 90 minutes of my life !.

Also why the hell was James Earl Jones in this surely he still has Darth Vader money rolling in.

Oh and another thing in the film it says Karate every where but it clearly looks to Tae Kwon Do they are practicing.

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