Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Never heard of this but the write up looked intriguing.

A high school wrestling team is on tour in eastern Europe, after a meet they need a train to Odessa but the coach has a language breakdown with the kiosk operator then a beautiful stranger offers to help him and directs him to a train which he thinks is the correct one.

Whilst on the train a couple of strange creepy guys go along the team taking there passports for safe keeping, we later see them burning them; we then go to the coach in the dinner carriage where he is joined once again by the stranger who is revealed earlier to be a doctor, they then go to his room for sex, whilst there he gets forcibly injected with a drug and is made unconscious, we next see him in another carriage being tortured and stitched up.

Then one by one the team starts to go missing, then our hero Alex (girl) and a friend go looking for the missing team, they eventually find the torture carriage, to find their friends suffering, they free one of them and see another bleeding to death, the one who is freed performs a mercy killing then the torturer walks into room with another one of their friends, they manage to escape but have to leave people behind, they then bump into the doctor where it is revealed they are all having their organs harvested.

So it is eventually it left down to Alex to try and escape and gain revenge for the group.

For me the film was OK but nothing special, It was essentially a Hostel rip off and if you have never seen it watch that instead of this.

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