Saturday, 15 September 2012

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Didn't know what to watch one night so went flicking and discovered this little gem.

So we have our unlikely heroes Bill and Ted, a couple of high school wasters with dreams of rock and roll stardom, unaware of their destiny that is they going to become the saviours of humanity through their music.

One problem faces them however it is a school history test !!, If they fail Ted will get sent to a Alaskan Military school by his father and their future will never be, their history test involves thinking about how famous people from history would find their local town, enter help from the future, Rufus, a guy who instructs them how to use a time machine which looks likes a telephone box.

The Boys then figure out how the time machine can help them, they go through history picking up historical figures from time to get their take on modern day San Dimas, obviously trials and tribulations face them and the obstacles thrown up by Ted's father fill out the film well.

The film is amusing and I will watch it when it's on, the idea behind the film is preposterous but then who cares, and Bill's oedipal complex with his stepmother is hilarious.

Sorry the review is so short but then the plot isn't deep, it is pure simple eye candy.

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